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    Why Make Games Random?

    Does Dark Souls not fit this description? Is there something it does differently or better that I'm missing, or is it just an exception to the rule?
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    Report: Crash Bandicoot May be Making a Comeback

    I feel a gritty reboot coming on.
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    Shamus Plays: LOTRO, Part 2

    "You know I'm a minstrel, right?" I ask while brandishing my lute. "Do you want me to write an epic ballad about how thick you are?" Brilliant.
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    Just Cause 3 Patch 1.02 Fixes Load Times, Performance Issues

    I wouldn't go so far as to say it cripples the experience, though it's a matter of opinion and I'm certainly glad I didn't pay for the game (it's my housemate's). The worst thing is it takes/took a minute to retry challenges, and ten seconds to stuff up again.
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    Zero Punctuation: Just Cause 3

    You mean, the way it's spelled and with both its syllables?
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    Hearthstone (Sort of) Gets a Co-Op Mode

    Can... can we just Polymorph it? Hex it? Sap it? This is confusing. Edit: I just realised the pre-built decks just won't have those cards. Doy. But, new questions: Do all enemy minions change sides every turn? If so, what happens if there's no room for any or all of them on the other...
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    Goosebumps - At Least it's Better than Pixels

    I can't speak for Gulliver's Travels, but I agree with your view of the other two. Seth Rogan as Bob was an exemplary casting choice, and was to MvA what Beymax was to Big Hero Six. OT: I was a rabid Goosebumps fan through primary school- I even read the Choose Your Own Scares and owned a VHS...
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    Non-Player Counselor: Bloodborne Has Lost His "Edge"

    Okay, this episode was pretty alright, but the "aw, blimey" at the end just got me.
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    Insider Report Tells of Atrocious Working Conditions at Konami

    In the words of the great Jim Sterling: Fuck Konami.
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    I Can't Stop Playing Darkest Dungeon

    I have this game on my wishlist and will pick it up as soon as it has an endgame.
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    The Reason You're (Not) A Console Gamer

    Cheers for this, Shamus. A while ago I got into a Mouse and Keyboard vs. Gamepad "debate" and after a while I realised we were just talking past each other by stating our personal preferences over and over. If I were about seventeen thousand times more intelligent and insightful, this article is...
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    Ronin Review - Lacking in Ninja-like Precision

    This game leaves me torn. I love the combat and don't mind the lack of stealth (it seems to me it was the gamers, not the dev, who decided the main character is a ninja- not, you know, a ronin- and that this game is a stealth game), but the lack of precision in the controls is frustrating and...
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    Bungie Defends The Taken King's $40 Price Tag

    Assuming for one hummingbird's scrotum-jiggling minute that the price turns out to be justified, why in hollering Hell is Bungie not disclosing what that $40 will actually buy you? What purpose does withholding that information serve? And does that purpose seem like a good idea next to pissing...
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    5 Iconic Deaths that Make Guys Cry

    So a single one did in fact make you cry. Is your point that the article is invalid or otherwise wrong? Because its worth isn't dependent on the infinitesimal chance that every single male who's seen them all shed tears at every one. Or are you just bragging? In which case, good for you, I...