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    Escape to the Movies: You Are Wrong About Spider-Man 3

    As much as I love Sam Raimi, I was never a big fan of his Spiderman movies. I actually thought one of the weakest parts was the casting. Tobey Macguire just never felt like Peter Parker or Spiderman to me. I actually prefer Andrew Garfield. He has the banter and wit that seemed to be lacking...
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    Quicksilver Runs, Mimes Surfing In New Avengers 2 Spy Pics

    Just his legs though? Now I'm imagining something like the chase scene from Kung Fu Hustle. Which would be hilarious but not necessarily appropriate for the Avengers.
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    Quicksilver Runs, Mimes Surfing In New Avengers 2 Spy Pics

    What happened to the bottom half of Quicksilver? He has some fun colors on the top but then they throw a pair of black pants and some sneakers on the bottom? Maybe this is a scene before he gets an actual superhero costume. At least I hope that's the case.
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    Batman: Arkham Knight Set for 2014 Release on PS4, Xbox One, PC

    My interest in getting a next gen console just increased. Still not sold, but I'm paying attention. I've enjoyed all the other Arkham games and I'm looking forward to seeing what this has to offer.
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    Peter Molyneux: Fable III Was a Trainwreck. I'll Never Make my Perfect Game

    Yes, I believe he is. Which is probably for the best I suppose. Fable III was the weakest of the bunch and with the progression of time over the course of the games I'm not sure how far he could really go before Albion hits modern day. Though I suppose that could be interesting too. In any case...
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    Peter Molyneux: Fable III Was a Trainwreck. I'll Never Make my Perfect Game

    It's ok, I forgive him. I hope he keeps trying to make that perfect jewel that's in his mind, because it sounds really good! If he can't quite get there at least I'll have some new Fable games to play, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Full Length Trailer Is Hilarious and Familiar

    Can I just buy some tickets now? For a comic series I know very little about, I am pretty excited for this movie.
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    Firefly to Receive First Official Action Figures

    I'm definitely not sick of Firefly stuff... but the look of these figures isn't quite what I was hoping for when I read the title. I guess I'll pass and wait for those more realistic ones.
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    Uncharted Movie Snags King of Kong Director

    I think it could make a fun movie. The game gets bogged down a lot with all the shooting. I mean, that's quite the body count. A movie wouldn't need that extra video game padding so you'd get a nice streamlined story. Of course that all depends on the story not being completely awful... like...
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    Justice League: War Kicks Off New DC Animated Universe

    I really enjoy the New 52 stuff. I'd be willing to check this out, though based on some of the comments that might be a mistake. I agree with some of the others though. I'd prefer a new television series rather than the occasional movie.
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    Superman Returns Director Bryan Singer Wishes He Rebooted Franchise

    While I didn't hate Superman Returns, it certainly wasn't a good movie. I'm glad it didn't continue. I realize I'm in the minority when I say this, but I really think Man of Steel is the best Superman so far. I enjoy Donner's, but they are awfully campy and cheesy.
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    X-Men Producer Wants Channing Tatum For Gambit

    For the record, reboots annoy me. However, I have never wanted a movie series to be rebooted as badly as I want the X-Men to be. Unfortunately, this Gambit casting news makes me wonder if it might actually be possible to make a rebooted X-Men series worse than what we've had recently.
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    Tali'Zorah is 9 days old: An update and a story on fatherhood

    Congratulations! I have an eight month old girl myself and you're absolutely right, it totally changes your life and habits. In the best way possible though. I like the name. I wish you all the best!
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    Organic Holiday Gift Suggestions

    I would like to be part of this citizenry. Let's make this happen! As always, excellent work. I'm already looking forward to next week's.