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    Escapist Podcast: 091: Sega & Gearbox False Advertisement Suit

    E-Staff As someone who was born and raised in Florida. My home town is either a geriatric ward or the wild west. When i was 11 i was standing in our quite suburban gated community driveway. A mini-van pulled into out drive way and a man started running toward me. He then ran past me into our...
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    What do you disagree with Yahtzee on?

    On every post i can hear Yahtzee saying what he said the last time he read feedback from the general public. Watch this then re-read some of these comments.
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    Gaming plot holes

    Its because of the daedric lord Balfatam the lord of the never ending flames who's cult has been going around Tamriel for millinea lighting torches that will stand untouched by time until he returns in all his well lit glory.
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    The Wishlist: Zombie Tarot Deck

    Cool Stuff cant wait for next weeks show :)
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    BioWare Says Farewell With Mass Effect 3: Citadel and Reckoning

    Bio ware is... its a Reaper. Casey Hudson is basically Saren and EA is Sovereign the game is a metaphor for their entire company. O god what have we done.