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    Poll: Sooooo... Kill La Kill?

    I really hope so. Obviously our star-crossed lovers get off the island somehow, and kill and suffer while doing it, but how? I must know. OR maybe they don't. They fail in their quest. But how dammit? It's not enough to tell me they succeed or fail. To me, this is a foregone conclusion. The...
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    Poll: Sooooo... Kill La Kill?

    I've watched two eps so far and I'm liking it, I really am. Here's hoping it doesn't become a disappointment like Sword Art Online, or have a non-ending like Btoom.
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    Education: No Zero Grading Policy Opinions

    Do they get or at least have easy access tutoring? Is there a limit to the number of chances a student gets for a particular assignment? What if they turn in complete, but utter shite work? Otherwise I do not see the point. I've had a few teachers who would give you second or even third...
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    What would gay porn filmed by and for women look like?

    Preach it. This is why, even in this day of high-speed broadband (heck, my own connection is 50 Megabits down!) connections, I still turn to text and still-images for my ero needs. It's a lot easier to fill in the gaps, so to speak, with an image than with a video.
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    Would you post your phone number to the internet?

    Aside from post my resumé on Monster, Dice, etc., there aren't enough NOPE and HOW ABOUT NO memes in the world to express the NOPE I have toward posting my phone number online, or providing it to some site for "security purposes." No, Google, no, Facebook, I will NOT give you my number and I...
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    Fukushima worst case scenario: can someone explain it???

    Just remember, when it comes to science, the media almost always gets it wrong. []
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    What would gay porn filmed by and for women look like?

    I know at least one that regularly wears a "Vagitarian" shirt.
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    laugh tracks/canned laughter

    Laugh tracks pretty much kill it for me. Then again, I also don't watch sitcoms much... well.. at all, really. I think the last one I tried was Big Bang Theory. The laugh track killed it. Yes I know they claim to film in front of an audience. I don't believe them. Cheers is filmed in front...
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    Guess the Screenshot: Anime Edition

    Tales of the Abyss. :p This is more recent than my last one.
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    Extra Extra: Freaks flaunt freaky actions at Con!

    I'm going to have to agree with this, even though I don't often agree with Smash. Disproportionate Retribution for a small infraction is an anime trope that shouldn't be applied to real life. The incident as described doesn't warrant physical violence beyond a good slap.
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    Man steals motorbike at gunpoint, then is shot by a police officer [Graphic Video]

    In the US, this would spark flamewars all over the internet. Despite that the thief could've easily turned the gun on the cop had he announced himself and demanded surrender (although he might have and we just didn't hear it, the thief did seem to be looking in the cop's direction), there'd be...
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    YOU decide what manga I'll buy!

    Kodomo no Jikan. Oh wait, you can't buy it, because NO EXPORT FOR YOU! Boku no Futatsu no Tsubasa, or in English, My Two Wings. Actually I don't know if it has an official English version. :p Go forth, young man? Woman? I forgot. Sorry.
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    NYCC 2013: Cosplay Gallery - Day 2

    Oh my. Is that Panty... not wearing panties? After all she's got her gun, and her gun is made from her panties... :o
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    Guess the Screenshot: Anime Edition

    Mmm, Ilya~ Also: Magi: Labyrinth of Magic. Now this one ought to be easy...I will be disappoint if it is not easily guessed.
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    If you woke up in the same bed as the above avatar.

    A foxgirl? Kuro-chan's gonna be so jealous~ :3