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    Redesigned Vita Heading to Japan

    I was hoping the new model will have 4G/LTE support but oh well... Will the LCD screen quality be any better than my current Vita's OLED? If so then I'm all of it since OLEDs have a shorter lifespan plus a higher risk burn-in and unlike LCD it's freaking permanent And what about power...
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    EA: Triple-A Industry Reduced to 25 Studios

    EA is just pissy that there are not enough Triple A developers to buy-out and suck DRY and their current IPs are losing its appeal excluding the Battlefield series
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    Microsoft Windows VP Set To Take Control of Xbox One

    Witch?! WHERE?? I'll bring the scale!! .... anyone have a Duck?
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    Trailers: Uncharted 3 - Free to Play Multiplayer Trailer

    I already own the game but OH MAN this news is awesome, the more players the better! Naughty Dog you never seem to disappoint when it comes to Quality, Content OR Support
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    Unskippable: DmC: Devil May Cry

    You know when something's terribly TERRIBLY wrong when the only things that remind me of Devil May Cry 2 are Goat-lings, brain dead female lead, terrible puzzle design and freaking product placement jeans!!
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    Thief Preview: Will it Steal Our Hearts?

    Hopefully they're referring to "hearts" as a metaphor.... Then again how much would one cost on the Black Market? Cultist have to get them in bulk some somewhere... Oh well, I will need to see how the gameplay is and how the enemy AI responds to certain situations
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    The Large Hadron Collider Takes A Break

    Shhhh watch what you say THEY may be reading your post at this very moment, if you'll excuse me I have a banana.... to microwave... El Psy Congroo
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    Capcom Promises Resident Evil 6 On-Disc DLC Will be Free

    Feels like Capcom just covering their ass after being found out. I cant prove that is what happened but it sure as hell feels like it!
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    Nintendo Sued Again

    Have Lonestar Inventions even built anything or just theorized this patent and just sat on their ass for someone to stumble upon it? My money on the latter, freaking patent trolls they even tried this with AMD!
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    Microsoft Prohibits Gamers From Cashing in on YouTube

    Microsoft turned douchey? That's a new one, that's like saying the sun just suddenly start providing light each day last week! How this will affect their rabid fanbase is anyone's guess...
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    NASA's Voyager 1 May Have Left Our Solar System

    They don't make them like they used to The Voyager is the Nokia 3310 of it's day
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    Xbox 360, Now With Porn

    How about the XXXbox 69: The Teabag Edition? I can almost see those award walk-ins into the living room on someone with their pants down
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    Xbox 360, Now With Porn

    I'm more concerned about the existence of a website, PORN website to be exact named Motherless Sigmund Freud would be proud. Even the internet has mommy issues...
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    Latest 3DS Firmware Blocks Flash Cartridges

    I think It's more a rush for the Wii U release that made them (Nintendo) cut back on any innovation and play it safe with the tried and true, if not a little stale game-play (just made it prettier) but now they just bling the entire screen with coins coins COINS! What's the point in THAT...
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    "Unavoidable" Global Bacon Shortage Expected Next Year

    Just for you saying that I'm gonna fry some Tofu... In BACON OIL with a large side of BACON