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    Check Your Privilege!

    41/100 That was really stupid.
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    Kid's first anime

    K-On and Moyashimon maybe? From what I've watched so far they seem kid-friendly and they're quite charming as well.
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    So, Titanfall will not be sold in South Africa...

    That's BS. I play BC2, GTAV and ME3 just fine and I have the worst internet available. But... I'm not really into MP games so this doesn't really affect me. Sucks for you though :-(
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    Two Sentence Horror Stories

    I'm pregnant. It's not yours.
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    Recommend me some games i can run on this laptop.

    I have the same specs and the only games that gave me trouble were The Witcher 2, Alan Wake and AC4. You should be able to run most games on medium at 720p with around 23fps.
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    Your Top 5 Favorite Games (with a slight twist)

    Hmm... Sly 2 (PS2) GTA V(360) SMB3 (NES) FF6 (SNES) Pokemon FireRed/Ruby (one of those Ninty handhelds)
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    Unskippable: Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns

    Black mist is called Chaos. It's basically evil energy. Snow can enter the chaos because he was a l'Cie/he's the reason that the mist is there/weird Japanese logic. Lightning isn't eating souls, she's saving them (main gameplay mechanic). Snow's evil because he is being slowly consumed by chaos...
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    Gran Tursimo 5 Servers Go Offline, DLC Gone Forever

    #4TheGamers Yeah, I wanna see Sony fanboys defend this. This is such BS for people that play GT5.
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    Poll: Considering a new handheld system: PSVita or 3DS XL?

    Well the Vita is kinda dead so 3DS is the way to go. Unless you live in a PAL region. Also, Bravely Default just came out. Beats any Vita game by far.
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    Getting into Final Fantasy?

    Well considering the the HD remaster of X is coming out soon so you might as well start with that. Quite a few of the older games don't really hold up.
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    Games you feel have too much padding

    The most recent game that suffers from this is DD Dark Arisen. 90% of the sidequests are "Kill X amount of Y for person Z". Also, most quests take place on the opposite end of the noticeboard that you got the quest from. I normally wouldn't mind that but this game has a really bad fast travel...
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    Is PS+ worth the money?

    It's worth it. Just bear in mind that you're technically renting the games on PS+ so you always have to renew your sub if you want to play the games.
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    Party members in RPG's: Do you try to use all of them, or just focus on a few?

    Yup. Exact same thing happened to me in Fire Red and Ruby. Even managed to beat the 2 of the 4.
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    Predictions on 7th Generation Console's lifecycle?

    We have around 2 or 3 years left imo. Then I'll go back to PS2 for 3 years and then buy a next gen console.
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    Party members in RPG's: Do you try to use all of them, or just focus on a few?

    I stick to a particular party... Which really sucks when I play Pokemon.