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    Why Do Gamers Insist On Getting Games On Midnight?

    It's because Midnight is so comfortable. Just to be able to relax on it as I get my game is really nice. I mean, what else would I be on to get a game? A simple mattress? A camel? No, gotta be on midnight the whole way man. That is, unless you meant AT midnight. Then I would say that it is...
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    Why I Don't Have to Care About You

    I know what the DLC is about and the universe of ME from playing them, so I understand why people are upset on that. But, a Prothean is not going to add much to the story (Other than the "why are you not dead?" conversation) I mean, what is he going to say? Oh yeah, the reapers, those guys...
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    Poll: Problem with the Border Advertisement

    So, the border ad currently being shown for "Space Janitors" bugs me. Not only because the two guys who stare at me while I'm on this site look annoying, but because the left side of my screen is still completely white, but still counts as clickable ad space. I keep clicking on it accidentally...
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    Poll: Are you going to RISK buying Mass Effect 3?

    I'm aware of the "risks", but I don't think there is really much that EA can do to screw up BioWares actual game (Maybe getting to it, not playing it) and BioWare has kind of been 2/2 in the Mass Effect ring of things so I'm all for this.
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    Why I Don't Have to Care About You

    Now I have stumbled upon an annoying trend of topics on forums that all are titled around "The Reason X is Stupid" or "Why I Am Never Getting X" or the like. (There is actually one of these posts up now I believe) The problem with this is that it never adds to any sort of debate or...
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    Games where you are the bad guy (but don't know it)

    InFamous In a very literal sense
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    Notch says 'If you can't afford Minecraft, just pirate it'.

    I don't have to feel bad anymore!
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    Alright kids, weigh in. What is the best RPG yet made?

    Kingdom Hearts Series (Not including Chain of Memories or 358/2 Days) Runners Up: -Mass Effect Series -Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -Golden Sun Series (The original 2) -Fallout 3 & New Vegas -Souls Series (Dark & Demon)
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    What do you think are the "trippiest" games?

    Katamari is the first that comes to mind. Feel like I'm missing something.
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    Your Dice

    1: 18 2: Dungeons and Dragons. Also for Magic: the Gathering number counters 3: 15 (two sets of seven and one random that got stuck with one set somewhere) 4: I have 2d4, 3d6, 2d8, 2d10, 2d12, and 2d% 5: No 6: I have the set boxes I bought them in and keep them in those 7: Yes 8: Don't...
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    no saving in dead island

    This has happened to me a lot also. The game says it saves all over the place, but there is almost this file deletion issue on the PS3. (Don't know about the other consoles but this has happened to both me and my friend on our PS3s. Heard 360 has a lot of the same bugs as the PS3 version also...
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    Dead Island- What in God's name were they thinking?!

    Act 2 and 3 didn't really add that many guns. Other than a few missions against armed living people where I'd whip out the old pistol for some easy head-shots, the bajillion zombies I fought (And I took the long explore-y route in this game, so I was lvl 20 before Act 1 ended so I fought A LOT...
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    How Would You Kill Wolverine?

    Dang that was my plan. Otherwise I say freeze him in carbonite. Last idea: Batman
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    If you had to invade Hell which fictional army would you use?

    Army? I'd just take Kratos, Wolverine, Batman, The Doctor, and Jesus. Win Game
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    What if you could play a game with the protagonist from another?

    Ezio Auditore da Firenze (from AC:Revelations) Batman (from Arkham Asylum) Luke Skywalker (from Return of the Jedi) Riku (From Kingdom Hearts 2) In any 4 player co-op zombie game (ala Left 4 Dead or Dead Island)