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    Dub VS sub a real discussion!

    Forget about what you prefer to listen to or read, the subtitled version will give you the performance that the director themselves asked for. It will bring you closest to one of the principle creator's visions. All you get with a dub is an interpretation of a work. And that's fine. But that's...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

    Play it as a 35 year old. You'll understand it better. Seriously. To truly appreciate Majora's Mask you have feel you're not the hero. In the game, or real life. If you've been bullied as a child or were not popular then you should immediately identify with the Skull Kid and tone of the...
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    Is The Dress Blue or White? Why The Internet Just Lost Its Mind

    Yesterday I had been seeing it as gold & white. This morning when I woke up I saw it as blue & black. Just now, my cat walks in the room and I follow her out on a sunny balcony. I walked back in and looked again, and the dress was gold & white again. So I close my eyes for a couple of minutes...
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    Why are so many of you guys unemployed?

    Why are so many of you guys unemployed? Because we played video games too much.
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    How Long Would It Take You to Play Through Your Steam Games?

    Now do the same with your porn collection. How long to watch every scene and clip from start to finish?
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    If you could only play one game for each letter of the alphabet...

    #) 1080 Snowboarding A) Age of Empires II B) Battlestations: Midway C) Command & Conquer D) Doom II E) Elder Scrolls: Oblivion F) Flying Shark G) Galaga H) Halo 2 I) Ikari Warriors J) Jet Set Radio K) Kingdom Rush L) Left 4 Dead 2 M) Mario Kart 8 N) Ni No Kuni O) Out of this World...
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    Shigeru Miyamoto Says His Rivals Are Boring, Samey

    It kind of disappoints me when I see these kind of predictable off-hand criticisms. It's like saying Degas only painted Ballerinas. Obviously Miyamoto would have been aware how easily it would be to superficially dismiss his own games when he said this. But luckily he, and others, know that what...
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    Zero Punctuation: Daikatana - John Romero's B****

    What was that electronic tune from (two played during the video)? It stirs a long dormant memory in me for some 80s hand-held game. Does anyone recognize it?
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    Poll: What should be the future of the Call of Duty franchise?

    I got in to Call of Duty when it first started. It introduced me to some famous World War 2 battles, (and some not so famous ones), and made me understand what it might feel like to be involved. I got out of it after Modern Warfare 2 as it became increasingly fictional and over-the-top and...
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    Poll: How much Harry Potter have you experienced?

    I read half of the first book before her writing style started to grate on me. I begrudgingly watched four of the movies. I kinda of liked the third one, though there was still room for improvement to make it more of a film in its own right, and less of an adaptation. But I guess by that time my...
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    Power ups vs zombies 2 and pay to win

    Glad you appreciated them. I just finished the Dark Ages Part 2. Mainly used low cost plants. You can almost always get by with - Sun-shroom, Puff-Shroom, Fume-Shroom, Spikeweed, Iceberg Lettuce and Grave Buster as your main plants. And either Potato Mine (useful on level 19), Sun Bean or...
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    Power ups vs zombies 2 and pay to win

    The problem I think, is that you came to rely on power ups too much when you played it earlier. Now as soon as things get hard, your instinct is to use power ups again. In short, you have fallen into EA's money trap. I played through the game from the start and have never once used the power...
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    Poll: Are you as sick of Star Wars as I am?

    Although Empire and Jedi were released in the prime of my childhood I saw Star Wars at the cinema. I have grown up with it and always loved it. Though not all of it. Even as a kid I could tell the Ewoks were not as good as they could have been. And when I saw Phantom Menace I thought, "That was...