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    Tim Schafer Says Double Fine Will "Someday" Make Brutal Legend 2

    maybe you should crowd fund it Tim, get the money, use it up, ask for more, and then not produce the game.
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    Get a Closer Look at Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer in the Newest Trailer

    But can i play as a volus like in mass effect 3's multiplayer?
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    House Flipper is a Ridiculously In-Depth Game About Repairing and Selling Houses

    He is wiping sweat from the brim of his hat.
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    Bolivia Isn't Happy About its Representation in Ghost Recon Wildlands

    I'm sure Russia is just glad its not another game about them.
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    Starbreeze Invests $8 Million into Psychonauts 2

    In a year, we are going to hear about starbreeze giving them another 8 million so they can finish the game, and then in another year, another 8 million...
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    Smash Bros. Sold Better on 3DS Than Wii U

    What's a Wii U?
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    Get 10 Hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda Five Days Early with EA Access

    Would you like to pre-pre-order the game? No thanks, i love mass effect, but it looks like you took all the rpg out so this could be Battlefield: Mass effect
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    The Newest Warhammer 40K Game is Necromunda: Underhive Wars

    I'm not that big into the fantasy warhammer stuff, 40k is more my speed, so i might keep an eye out for this.
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    EA is Cautious, But Optimistic About Switch, No Games Planned After FIFA

    I'm sure those controllers with 4 less buttons then every other console will really draw them in.
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    Woody Harrelson Confirmed For Han Solo Movie

    He will be Chewbacca's dad
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    Steam Screenshots Section Must Now Only Contain Actual Screenshots

    I like seeing artwork, and memes...
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    Mass Effect - Andromeda's Main Characters Are Brother And Sister

    I don't like all this family business, militarily is unrealistic, Unless they all live in a colony ship or something, no military would every put a brother and sister on the same ship.
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    Report: Red Dead Redemption Remastered Coming to PC, PS4

    f-ing finally... Multiplayer better be working on pc
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    After Poor Suicide Squad Reviews, Fan Creates Petition to Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes

    To be fair, Ghost busters also got a better score then it should too.