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    EA Concerned Kids Don't Know About WW1 For Battlefield 1

    I don't normally use this kind of language, but: How the FUCK would "kids today" not know about World War II *or* Vietnam? Is this a real phenomenon, or is this white-tower CEOs being dumb-asses? Because if it is a real thing, education is even shittier than I thought possible.
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    Poll: So... Is the PC Master Race joke leaving the "Video Games" section any time soon?

    Like all jokes, it gets annoying when overused. Is this joke overused on The Escapist? Oh, hell yup.
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    Watch the First Teaser for the New Star Trek Series Right Here

    Haha, Hahaha, AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Nope. Seriously, though, this is bogus. I was excited for a new network-based Trek series. Now the way I see it, they either think it'll be so great that people will want to pay to see it, or they have no confidence and don't want to risk a...
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    James Bond cannot be genderbent

    Different skin color is a little bit different from changing a character's gender, don't you think? I mean, it's not that you can't change Bond's gender. You can, and I'd love to see what a female Bond would be like, but I think it would also change the relationship of the character to its...
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    Poll: It's time Escapists. For the most important vote. (Probably NSFW)

    Personally, I'm very attracted to larger breasts, but it's not like I'm going to pass up a date with a woman I'm interested in based on breast size. That would be dumb as shit. If the implications you refer to are that you might be a closet pedo or something, I've also heard that said about...
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    When has something been too mean-spirited or cruel for you to enjoy?

    A couple of movies come to mind immediately. Dark Knight Rises is one of them, Zero Dark Thirty is another. ZDT is a little more obvious, I think. I was unable to watch it all the way through, jumping ship shortly after the first torture scene. Way too gruesome for me. DKR is a fine film...
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    Disney May Pull Marvel Productions From Georgia Over Anti-Gay Law

    Ooorrrrrr, you could welcome them, too, so that 1) they'd not be able to complain that you were discriminating against them, and 2) the ones who showed up (and didn't show out) might mingle enough to realize that, hey, these "others" are people, too. That's how I'd do it, in any case.
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    US Government Says it May Not Need Apple's Help Unlocking Terrorist's iPhone

    It'd be hilarious if this "third party" ended up being John McAfee. And it'd be fucking inspirational if the attempt succeeded.
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    Beware: Windows 10 May Update Windows 7-8 While You Are AFK - Update

    I wonder if the people who've had this happen accidentally clicked the "download now, upgrade later" button, or "reserved" their copy? That would seem to make the most sense in this case, and the reason I chose not to reserve a copy.
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    How soon is too soon to give up on a game?

    ...then either you or the game is doing it wrong. /justsayin OT: I've actually bailed on games within fifteen minutes if it just instantly said, "I suck, do not play me." NeverEnd was one of those games, and there've been a couple others, but I can't remember which ones now. An hour or two...
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    Ghostbusters Trailer - Holy s#!t, how is it this bad?

    Well, don't get me wrong, I liked the premise of the movie, as well, but I can see how going into it having heard all the hype about it could be off-putting. I just happened to catch it one day on HBO and enjoyed the diversion. The original Alien is my "wut?" movie. After hearing about how...
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    Ghostbusters Trailer - Holy s#!t, how is it this bad?

    And I'm going to be one of the few people who semi-agree with you, actually. I think what made it so good when I watched it (I remember it being popular-culture when I was real little, though my parents thought it might bother me to see it then, and I just never saw it til a couple years ago)...
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    Bear Simulator Dev Calls it Quits to "Avoid Drama"

    ***DISCLAIMER: None of what I'm about to say should be considered legal advice. I am not a lawyer, so don't use my suppositions to make any legal decisions. Always consult with a licensed attorney before making legal decisions or claims.*** From my understanding, not really. As long as you...
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    Bear Simulator Dev Calls it Quits to "Avoid Drama"

    Well, to be honest, I think a lot of people assume that they will always have the Next Great Idea, and when it flops, they take it personally and run the other way. I can understand that impulse, as any creative endeavour will have your spirit indelibly linked to the final product, but the job...
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    Fans "Fix" Ghostbusters Trailer With Recut

    /thread Oh, so Zenja's post didn't immediately end this? Okay. I can pretty much guarantee that switching the gender for the new Ghostbusters movie would still result in a "OMG look how bad this is" reaction. In fact, let's do a little thought experiment and try each joke/segment out with...