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    EA has Merged Mass Effect Studio Bioware Montreal with EA Motive

    Ehh. Can't muster the strength to care about the fate of Bioware or one of their studios.
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    Atari CEO Says the Company is "Back in the Hardware Business"

    Konami would probably sue Atari and fuck Kojima again while they were at it.
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    Hacker Gets The Fabled "Nintendo PlayStation" Working

    If they manage to copy the firmware before the chip degrades it could be possible.
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    So, Ghost in the Shell seems to be pretty good

    My friends (which didn't saw the original animation or series) thought it was average. That to me was a signal to not even bother.
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    Mass Effect Andromeda first impressions?

    You should see it with laugh tracks.
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    How to Fix Some Mass Effect: Andromeda PC Issues, Including the Black Screen

    Don't forget character creation. It's so bland and restrictive they could have cut it out of the game.
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    Left Joy-Con Connection Issues Could be Caused by its Design

    Nintendo, the Bethesda of consoles.
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    Update: Nintendo Switch Dock Removed From Online Store

    You would think someone during the design of the dock would take precautions against scratches. I'm surprised if the issue didn't come up during testing (if there was any test at all).
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    Nintendo Switch Cartridges Taste Bad on Purpose

    So the purpose of having the cartridges taste bad now has the opposite effect.
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    No Man's Sky Wins GDC Award, But No-one Was There to Accept it

    An Innovation award for what? What did that game innovate? How to build hype for a scam? GDC looks more like a developer circlejerk where awards aren't given for merit.
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    Bioware GM Says Mass Effect: Andromeda is "Totally Softcore Space Porn"

    Looking at the in game characters and how Bioware writes "romance" i would go for rule 34 fan art. It also has the advantage of being cheaper and probably more satisfying in the end. Another thing where Battleborn didn't surpass Overwatch.
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    Zero Punctuation: Hitman

    I think there was one Skyrim review on metacritic just like that.
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    Mass Effect: Andromeda Won't Have a Season Pass, Will Have Pre-Order Bonuses

    These pre order bonuses to entice buyers only makes me more worried about the state of the game.
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    Zero Punctuation: Final Fantasy XV

    If you think the games from nes, snes and playstation were ridiculous then stay clear from the recent ones.