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    Mass Effect: Where does the series go now sequel-wise?

    possible MMO, but don't gimme crap about it sucking, it could be supreme! prequels too. i'd honestly wanna see a full-out first-contact war fps or 3rd person shooter.
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    What would your coat of arms be?

    something cool and classy with swords, a gun, a couple snakes and a glass of sparkling cider. awesome just like me. Colors would be silver, green and red.
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    Your Music pet peeves

    people talking about other musicians in their music. moves like jagger is a good example of this to me.
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    What, if anything, would you kill for?

    hm. -Direct threat to my life. -Drafted into Army. -Direct threat to someone else with no alternative way to stop them. i think thats it for me...
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    Oldest game that you played recently.

    Zeld: oot and Goldeneye back on the N64.
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    Fun With Microwaves

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    most captivating tv show/anime you have watched recently?

    Sh!t, Cowboy Bebop is the Classiest F*cking Anime of all damn time! The intro is prime example, with the ending just...holy awesome!!
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    Franchise reboots you'd like to see

    I'd love a Shadowgate reboot, or a game set in the world of "who framed roger rabbit" that'd be quite the awesome undertaking!
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    Games you have played to death?

    Mass Effect 2 6 times in one summer. got so dang bored after that one! Final Fantasy about 3 times, averaging around 400 hours between the 3 save files.
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    Drummers rock!

    So most all of us have seen this already, but sometimes we just need a reminder of how much we love awesome drummers!! (0:37 is where the Awesome Ensues) another dude with sick moves: That is MachineGunSmith, he rocks hard and has a Facebook Page as well! post some of your...
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    Tomorrow I'm gonna do something stupid and pointless with little chance of success.

    can't win them all, right. I asked out an awesome girl that works at a nearby Gamestop, but I'm sure she basically said "nope, not interested." but yeah, i raise my N7 mug back at you! TONIGHT, WE DINE IN AWESOME!!!!! CHEERS TO US!!!!!!!
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    What 3 games have you played the longest?

    Halo: Reach and Final Fantasy X which of those two has more hours, i have no clue. its close enough that i dont know for sure. and then probably mass effect 2 as a 3rd
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    Trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Reveal Trailer

    pre-ordered already. weird hearing me say "hello, i'd like to pre-order the black ops sequel" ...but im not judging it on black ops 1. im excited.
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    Did you get any HD Collections?

    I'm tempted by the MGS Collection, but ultimately I gotta keep more of my money in my pocket for car payments and stuff right now. Ico/SotC is one of the reasons i'd like a PS3 someday, but not for awhile.
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    Tribes Ascend Released

    NOTHING looked more fun than playing a Tribes game as I watched my friend play it years ago! So getting my computer amped up ASAP to run it when I get my computer!!