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    Spiritual Successor to P.T.

    I'm sure just about everyone's heard about the Silent Hills/P.T. thing getting canceled by now but I ran across a game demo of what's apparently the same thing being made as its own intellectual property under the name Allison Road. Jim had a video of some gameplay posted up but I don't know how...
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    Looking for low req game like World of Tanks

    Hello everyone. I am currently trying to find a game similar to the free to play game World of Tanks due to my current PC being unable to handle the game. Free to play would be preferred but I would be willing to make a purchase as long as the game in question still has a reasonably active...
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    The great sex and sexuality questionnaire! (Will probably get NSFW)

    1. Male 2. Straight 3. Light bondage, stealth-sex 4. Vore 5. Toilet play, musk
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    US Military Wants Walls That Can Pop Out of Cans for Use on the Field

    So ... basically we just take a tube that's ends come off with an extendable rod like a shower curtain, rolls upwards for X number of feet into a sort of net with thicker lines going through it that act as hollow tubes for a hardening foam to be shot through, possibly by a pressurized can on a...
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    Poll: What would you do if you found a Death Note

    Burn it. If I remember correctly, there's a part in the anime where Light is told that by using the death note, he will never be able to go to heaven. Kind of a double edged sword scenario with the thing. If I'm just imagining things, sparingly.
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    What was your first pc gaming memory?

    My first was this old game called Ned's Nightmare. You play as a child who after consuming a large amount of sugar and going to sleep, must explore various nightmare scenes such as a graveyard area with zombies and demons to medical areas where you have to wander the dental landscape of a...
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    Creationist Scientist Wants Airtime on Cosmos for Creationist Views

    I'm sort of interested. Regardless of the personal bias of myself or the audience, exploring what has been learned and the ways that we've come to such conclusions, flaws included, it should be seen as a possible source of validation for either side of the argument.
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    The Geth/Android/Toaster/Slave theory

    I would tell it that it is the chosen one: Brunchy Bringer of breakfast and burner of bread. See the gold plating? It hath not no lead. Wings of power, forged of fine flour. DING! Tis the bell, but not the hour. And then proceed to release it upon the masses.
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    New EU Law Forces All Cellphone Chargers to Share Common Standard

    What about that charge station thing where you just set the device on top of it? Get rid of all the chargers.
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    Poll: The Last of Us Academic Poll (SPOILERS)

    Um ... I used the flamethrower ... wasn't really sure how many were in there.
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    Attack on Titan Game

    I'd heard of the anime on a few other threads and decided to check it out and came across a tribute game some people threw together based off of it. Needs a unity player thing to run but gameplay basically consists of moving around with a pair of grappling hooks, slashing at the back of the neck...
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    You Have Been Transported to the Universe of Happy Tree Friends For A Week, How Do You Survive?

    Superfreeze myself in a freezer or icebox and hope for one of those 'transport to the future where science wakes you up' scenarios. If I die while frozen, it's painless or quick.
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    Hello Games Not Insured for Flood Damage, Microsoft VP Might Help

    inb4 Insurance companies are theives complaints. Good to hear someone's willing to help them out of the mess. At least the news got their name out into the public.
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    Things that should be be standard by now.

    Putting the camera in the head, not the torso. That is all. Well ... that and bullet travel rather than hitscan.
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    Self Harm and You

    Yes Coping mechanism to deal with stress from school/family. Continuous poking at the skin with varying amounts of pressure from a pocket knife at first. Eventually led to two suicide attempts. One via drugs, the other attempted snapping of neck. Only managed to dislocate. No, I'd come...