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    The State of Dungeons & Dragons: Future

    Certainly, there were problems with early 4e modules, but you're doing the system a huge disservice by pretending that's representitive of the system and it's qualities. The game itself has far more support for roleplaying and non-combat than 3e did- it has a whole system for non-combat skill...
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    The State of Dungeons & Dragons: Future

    It's really obvious that the writer of the article is hostile to 4e, and trying to hide that instead of being honest about it. The idea that 4e is for people with 'limited imaginations' is absurd, and it's kinda pathetic that somebody got paid to write that.
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    The State of D&D: Present

    Called it. Predictably one sided, focusing quotes from detractors and rivals, and a guy who got fired. I'm sure it will be great chum for the 4e hate brigade, but you should have declared your clear bias instead of pretending to be an observer. And yeah, anybody who thinks that 4e detracts...
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    The Ghosts of D&D: Past

    Gee, this is a lot of lead-in for what is obviously just going to be another typical 4e-bashing essay like we've all read many times before.
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    The World Does Not Hate Captain America

    Wow. South Korea and the Ukraine are communist, now? To say nothing of Russia, which is frankly closer to the other end of the spectrum these days. I guess we can't expect much better than this from the site that laughably described homefront's plot as "realistic and believable". Meanwhile...
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    Obsidian Admits it Has a Bug Problem

    I'd rather a few bugs than trash like da2, and since it comes budget either way, that's the choice to be had, assuming you want to play something other than the witcher at some point.
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    The Big Picture: Maddening

    Oh no, not dog torture! Those poor doggies! Do you realise how many civilians US troops have killed in afganistan and iraq? How utterly callous and psychotic the invasion of iraq was, and the hundereds of thousands of people were skilled or driven from their homes due to the shrieking idiocy...
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    PAX East 2011: Activision Doesn't Run Internal Studios With Iron Fist

    Yeah, that quote is in no way taken out of context, and if anything it's worse than the soundbyte sounds. Kotick is the archetypal bad ceo, and it's no suprise that he would talk drivel like that to investors. Ceo's and other executives of that type are notorious for failing upwards, taking...
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    PAX East 2011: Activision Doesn't Run Internal Studios With Iron Fist

    The same reason a bunch of devs sat around in said 'news' item praising their boss? There are certainly grey areas in game coverage, such as what I noted before, the trend of having news about demos, screenshots, and prmotional cutscenes about games. But those are cool fun things that people...
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    PAX East 2011: Activision Doesn't Run Internal Studios With Iron Fist

    Why was this reported as news when it's clearly promotional material? I guess it's about the same as running cutscene promos and such, but it's clearly not presenting itself as such and I find that misleading.
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    The Big Picture: Correctitude

    wd bob now if you could only extend your enlightened view to starving children in other countries PS: team amerca was just the south park guys being jackasses
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    Author Joel Rosenberg Arrested

    Thanks for your thoughts, darkknight. I don't want to keep going back and fourth here, because i think we've both said our piece. As for rights, I live in a country without a bill of rights, that probably should have one (and it's not as if reform i hurtling along here, either, and there are...
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    Author Joel Rosenberg Arrested

    I'm trying not to escalate thiss or drag us into nested quote hell so i'm only going to tackle a few points. I'm not suggesting that there aren't other sources of weapons, but despite your dismissal of 'that one news story with the m60' the reality is that this continues to be a serious problem...
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    Author Joel Rosenberg Arrested

    This might come as a shock to you, but people in other countries don't actually tend to place much value in the supernatural power that Americans ascribe to the founding fathers and their magic documents To be frank, your argument is an archaic and regressive appeal to a kind of literalism that...
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    The Big Picture: Once Upon a Time in The Future

    You know what happened to 'us', bob? We became a civilisation of whinging selfish manchildren who think that mars missions and ipods are more important than feeding the hungry, caring for the sick, or dealing with the huge global disasters that are looming in our near future.