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    Surviving Mars the New Management Game From Tropico Dev Haemimont Games

    interesting but those clear domes are unfeasible and the scale looks wrong
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    The Witcher Series Has Passed the 25 Million Sales Barrier

    ive bought the entire witcher series on steam sale and i have never played any of them but i love the company and gog so ive tried to support them and their ideals
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    Tokyo's Olympic Medals Will be Made From Recycled Gadgets

    if its japan we at least will know that its been recycled properly (unlike china or india) and here is hoping that the olympic mascot is a tentacle monster
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    8 Fictional Religions We Would Join

    damn fake religions cant people just worship something more practical and realistic like Wotanism
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    Bethesda: No More Remasters in the Elder Scrolls Series

    i dont really want morrowind remastered, i just want a game with some of the same design choices and the magic system
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    Pokemon Go's Apple Watch Version Not Cancelled

    good to see it since pokemon go isnt dead it just lost the band wagoners but still has a good size player base
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    8 TV Shows That Deserve a Reboot

    that would be pure awesome but id like to add more models and props as opposed to cgi so that it holds up (example: Alien still looks like it might have been made today if it wasnt for a few minor parts) BTW married with children will never get remade because many shows are even cruder than...
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    Hearthstone's "Heroic Tavern Brawl" Gives You a Chance to Win 50 Packs at Once

    This sounds like a trap to get us casuals to give up 1000g or $10 so we can have our face shredded by some legendary players who have tricked out stream lined decks. Hell no id rather it have been Arena so at least there was some freaking chance for those that actually needed the freaking cards...
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    Pokemon Go Update Removed Sightings and Spawns When Traveling at Higher Speeds

    great they are screwing with my bus route
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    The Birth of a Nation - A Controversy Generation Machine

    sounds like this movie will be as counter productive as the actual rebelion
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    Pokemon GO Has Lost 79% of Its Paying Population, Still Profitable

    not bad for a live beta, just imagine when the gave comes out in full and has enough features to make it worth playing
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    Pete's Dragon - Where's the Magic?

    havent seen it in a decade or more but i remember watching pete's dragon and enjoying it, now mind you i will never watch it now since time ruins everything
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    Report: Ghostbusters to See a $70 Million Loss, Sequel Likely Shelved

    the movie was ok if they had spent 100 mil on it but it was in no way worth 300 mil (including ads ect), all it was was a fun little shallow romp like the super mario movie but if you spend half the money on ads it better be worthy of it or you are just throwing money away
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    Total War Warhammer and Overwatch Release Day Discounts

    wait you have to pay for Overwatch and Battleborn? I thought they were just team fortress 2 or LOL wannabees that get their money through selling skins
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    There May Never be a Witcher 4

    im hoping for a magic/steampunk RPG