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    New Persona 5 Trailer and information

    I don't believe I could possibly explain the amount of JOY that I've experienced after watching that trailer... I mean, HOLY FUCKING SHIT DOES IT LOOK GOOD! So, instead of expressing myself, let me share a little theory. Ok, we can assume that our characters are some sort of criminals, most...
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    Why are people excited about gaming in 2015?

    I am primarily excited about two games: Persona 5 and Overwatch. Persona 5 is... well, motherfucking PERSONA 5 and doesn't need explanation. And Overwatch is the first shooter that I'm excited for since... I don't know, forever.
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    That doesn't cancel out the campaigning he did do, did you stop listening to the video? Most people aren't rival youtubers who pander to such public feeling in lieu of providing entertaining content, all the while going on about how credible they are and how they really try to provide quality...
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    Video game characters you'd kick downstairs

    Wasn't there a thread almost exactly like this? Something like "Characters whose death would make you glee"? No? Okay, whatever. This fucker! <spoiler=Linny from Front Mission 3><img src=> He is just so annoying and pointless...
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    Actually it was about 10 seconds of google. I have no doubt that some people can see past character to the person behind them, I do not believe that TotalBiscuit is one of those people and if you had put your bias aside and made even a cursory glance at his conduct you would think that too...
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    The ultimate ironic pointlessness of Persona Q (heavy spoilers!)

    Please read-on if you are interested in Persona Q plot, but don't really wanna play the game, or if you've already completed the game, or if you just don't care. Persona Q's plot revolves around teams from Persona 3 and 4 getting together in a mysterious school and meeting two new characters...
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    I think you're lying. Exibit A -
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    Part of the same network? Yes, operated together? No. I see no reason to assume they know each other.
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    What I saw wasn't joking, it was mean spirited bitchiness powered by transparent jealousy. Maybe we were looking it the same thing, it's hard to separate a joke from dickishness when there's a complete lack of wit. Either way Mr. Biscuit whored out his integrity so he could get an award from...
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    But only because PewDiePie let TotalBiscuit win. Ever since he was nominated TotalBiscuit has been doing the whole "please guys, please go vote for me, pretty please" shtick. Even going so far as to play off the internet hate for PewDiePie with "don't let PewDiePie win this" comments. All...
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    The Game Awards 2014 impressions

    Well.. that was certainly something. I'd say that overall my impressions are positive. It is certainly better than any Spike's VGA's before them. However, it still in many ways feels like it is on Spike. Tons of hype, audience screams and overall feel of fakeness. But this time you could see...
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    Video game characters that make you smile

    Varric and Garrus. I just love both of them and for me they are quintessential video game "bros". Funny, charming and reliable. Any time Garrus covers your back or Varric tells another crazy story I can't help but smile. Heavy from TF2 is also one of the funniest characters in existence. It's...
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    Can we just talk about what we think of Overwatch as a game? Please?

    I'm not impressed. Looks.... generic? The first thing a game needs to do to catch my interest, is to have a good atmosphere or characters. This catches my interest: then gameplay comes later, when they have my attention. And Overwatch didn't manage to get my attention.
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    DA: Inquistion - Are you getting the Delux or waiting for the first week?

    I wasn't going to preorder it, but that god damn GMG deal forced my hand. 10 bucks off already and with my 10 bucks in game store credit I got the game for 20 bucks less.
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    Ubisoft Review emboragoes vs. EA review

    Sometimes a review embargo can tell more about a game than a review itself. It was a case with the Last of Us, that lifted the embargo more than a week in advance, and it seems to be the case with The Inquisition. It just shows the confidence and faith in their creation on the part of the...