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    New Sunset Overdrive Video Takes a Swipe At Assassin's Creed Over Female Characters

    It's worth noting that they booted Mattrick's ass to the curb, and the new guy they put in seems to be a pretty reasonable dude. I've always found it strange that people say "Sony learned their lesson" but with Microsoft "The intent is still there" or something to that effect. OT: Definitely...
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    Despite Titanfall, The PS4 Still Outsold the Xbox One in March

    But if they don't give a sensationalized sales report every month, how will the Escapist degenerate into a fanboy circlejerk? Who doesn't want to be IGN?
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    What's your age, and what are you currently most concerned about?

    Just turned 20. Biggest concern? The fact that I have spent the last 5 years of my life doing literally nothing. No college would ever take me, I have no experience in any job, and no practical hobby I could possibly turn into a career. Reading this thread did not help my feelings on the...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition brought to you by the producers of Skyrim

    What I've seen reminds me far more of Dragon's Dogma... DRAGON AGE: DOGMA OF THE DRAGONS
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    Very debatable. No one should be made fun of, but being fat isn't good. No one should be hated for being who they are. That being said, I am not going to alter my lexicon (LEARN MY PRONOUNS URHGHGHG) to accommodate the fancy of some butthurt attentionwhore. There are multiple sides to every...
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    Context, Challenge and Catharsis

    To say Dead Rising 2 was hard is kind of laughable. I know full well I sound like one of those insufferable faggots who claim to be better than everyone else, but hear me out. Rescuing survivors in Dead Rising 2 was probably the biggest objective. All of the plot missions were very short...
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    PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison: Graphics, Specs, Differences

    Obviously Microsoft paid off the Escapist to even get the Xbone featured warkwarkBillGateswarkwarkNSAwarkwarkTitanfall on PC. I am forced to question the wisdom of picking a "Winner" in things like this though; it really only leads to trouble down the road. I'm really tempted to just say...
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    games you like but you can?t play very well.

    I'm in the same boat. Moreso since I can't play on anything but Ironman. I feel if I don't the game is secretly laughing at me...
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    Favourite 'Blow off steam' game

    I like this thread. It's so... positive. Refreshing. OT: DOOM, Dead Rising 2, Killing Floor, or any other game with copious amounts of violence and mayhem. A spot of MW2 also works quite well because I have transcended into godhood in that game. (About 1500 hours in it)
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    How many people are here from /v/?

    That's just strawmanning it. Though I admit a lot of posts go that way. (About 35%) That's single posts. It doesn't kill the thread. In my experience it goes like this. Poster 1: "Opinion" Poster 2: "Counter-opinion" (You stupid ******) Poster 3: "Agrees with poster 1" Poster 4...
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    How many people are here from /v/?

    That is the single best analogy I have heard concerning Matt Ward. You deserve a medal. To be honest I value 4Chan because it is a place where you can spew all the vitriol you want, and when the thread 404s it's gone forever. It takes itself a lot less seriously than most of the internet as...
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    Jimquisition: Children of the Resolution

    When it comes down to the come down I really can't see a difference between 720p and 1080p when displayed on a large screen. That being said, this video is finally what broke my purchasing decision. I'm going PC for next-gen.
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    Call of Duty: Ghosts Review - Dogs of War

    They are popular in different ways though. You likely won't see a rapper or sports icon play or endorse StarCraft or Magic. Among the circles under that label "Hardcore Nerd/Gamer" those things are considered popular. Outside of those circles, those things are not. Call of Duty is popular...
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    The Big Picture: Baggage

    I'm pretty much disagree completely. Thrusting stuff into the review that doesn't belong there isn't mature at all. It isn't a question of thinking about things from a different perspective, as much as forcing a certain perspective on to something. Ender's Game made no attempt to have an opinion...
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    Outlast DLC Whistleblower is a Prequel

    Well the thing about Outlast is, well, it takes place in an insane asylum. The insanity is a given here. Abuse, however, I find interesting. Insane asylums are often poorly regulated shitholes that face no real penalty for the abuse and mistreatment of patients. Notice that the only time anyone...