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    Can someone help me with the sleep situation?

    I agree with this as well. How is your diet, especially, breakfast? Eating better may help your energy level. I coming to an age where I have to watch my cholesterol level so I am trying a fruit only breakfast and I have noticed an increase in energy level. It is hard to start something...
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    My lady help

    So is the risk too great if something bad happens? Probably, but that is something you are going to have to weigh yourself. Only you know what the situation is, more better than us even if you explained it like Martha Stewart. Anyone has a chance to cheat even you. Even if you don't plan on it...
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    Trick or Treat: It's Yahtzee!

    Naw, it isn't Yahtzee until he has an imp looking like he is hanging on by what it is doing between Yahtzee's legs, showing it's back side so can you see poo come out it's ass.
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    Strippers vs. Werewolves: Trick or Treat?

    Hmm, I am going to guess that this movie is going to be one of the rare ones where the porn version is going to be better than the original.
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    Would the world become a better place if I were to die?

    The great thing about opinions and outlook on your life is that it can change. I remember when I was in my teens, I thought I knew everything. I always argued for my views and opinions on almost everything and maybe even the things I didn't know. I argued those things with anyone I could, even...
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    I'm afraid to go on facebook.

    I sure there is a video somewhere on how FB works. Basically, you can find people or people find you, but you have to either invite them to your FB or you ask to be invited to their FB. You can ignore people as well uninvite. You can even send private/public emails, pictures, video, etc. My...
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    I need help with building a PC.

    I use From their website, there is a bench tab. Click on that, then click GPU 2011 and you can choose like two graphics cards to compare benchmarks. is good too for reviews for computer parts as well.
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    A small pile of problems.

    Hmm, honesty, I never saw it that way. I always thought the rules were the rules in here. If you allow it in your own thread, I could assume that we could go by what you say even though it is against the rules. And yes, I get that you were doing that at the last part, but it is just like last...
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    A small pile of problems.

    First off, I wish you would have put this in the Off topic forums, because advice is well for.. advice. Anything less like mocking would put posters a lick from a banhammer with a degree proportional to the severity of what the comment said. Management takes advice forums seriously. With...
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    How do I deal with this?

    Wow, that has to be hard for you. I am sensing that you are the youngest of your siblings(atleast your brothers) too. I am really liking that you know how you feel. And if you are not of an adult age and still live with them, something like this will make you grow up faster than usual. At least...
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    Signals. How to tell them?

    You would be assuming that she is giving you signals to ask her on a date especially based on online chat. Not all women you meet are going to be giving you signals for that kind of thing. Some don't even know how. You need to assert yourself to her. Give stimuli like express that you do like...
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    songs for the recovery of a broken heart.

    For some cheering up, I would recommend:
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    The BEST FPS game of all time [your opinoins]

    Mine would have to be Unreal Tournament.
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    Poll: InterRacial Dating

    From my experience, I have been attracted to women from all races. I even got to date some of them too. That part doesn't bother me. As a California native, I am used to seeing alot of variety.
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    Je suis desole. J'ai besoin de votre aide!

    Ne sois pas désolé. Tout le monde a besoin d'aide parfois. 1)It is hard to give you anything good for advice. You don't know her well and we don't know her at all. So trying to give you advice for her to say yes, might be disappointing. If I were you, I would get her to talk(to you). You want...