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    How To Spot A Sentient Robot

    This article and some of these forum posts are interesting and thought-provoking, and illustrate why Ex Machina left me a bit frustrated and annoyed with the movie. I've found more thought, speculation and digging into AI/Artificial Consciousness in The Escapist than I did in the film, which...
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    The Magic Circle - Best Broken Game Ever

    Naah, I'm not one of the devs. Also, we did not create an AI that went mad from circular referencing and it did not escape into the internet just before the explosion and it is not currently burrowing through the firewalls around the Pentagon systems. And it's not picked up the sobriquet SkyNet...
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    The Magic Circle - Best Broken Game Ever

    With all that, let's just hope there aren't any real bugs in the game (would we know if there was?) Because then we'd get to Inception levels of meta-ness. Probably create some kind of singularity that would engulf the computer, briefly giving it sentience before it disappeared screaming in a...
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    Marvel's Post-Secret Wars Comic Line-Up Revealed

    Holy hell in a hand basket that's a lotta titles. Though it seems to boil down to Spider-books, X-books, Wolverine-books, Deadpool-books, Let's-make-money-off-the-movies-books and a few books loosely classified as Other. Every time I feel like I want to get into comics again (having left...
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    Dishonored 2 Debut Trailer and Image Gallery - Update

    Hah, now that you made me think of it, it would be cathartic to go through the town like Bergman's Black Death, rats swarming ahead of me and devouring my enemies. There are a lot of cool killing techniques in the game, and I never actually used them; too used to running Thief around obstacles...
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    Dishonored 2 Debut Trailer and Image Gallery - Update

    The mention of brutal combat in the OP puzzled me for a moment. Did anybody actually fight their way through Dishonored? This was the first interesting stealth games I'd had in years, it never even occurred to me to go into every level guns blazing. Or crossbows and rat swarms blazing. Even my...
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    Zero Punctuation: Half-Life 2 Update - Gravity Gun > Modern FPS

    With the entire world apparently declaring that Pillars of Eternity is a sure bet for 2015 GOTY and the best game since the Great Golden Age, I'm glad to see somebody else had a hard time getting into it...I like a lot about it, and don't even mind the tons of reading to do (I LIKE reading), but...
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    Zero Punctuation: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episodic Zombies

    'Seven strangled kittens out of ten'??!? Yathzee has started handing out numerical ratings. Gasp. The end of civilisation as we know it. OT: Why make it episodic at all, if the rate of release suggests they had most of it ready to roll already? Maybe another case of 'TellTale Games got rave...
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    How do you play open-world games?

    I usually focus on the main quest, but immerse myself in the world by talking to people and poking my nose in odd places if it's not too far out of my way. I get lots of potential sidequests that way, but I only really follow the ones that prick my interest. Like that I don't feel overwhelmed or...
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    Ever stop watching something because it became too something?

    Supernatural. The one and only show I can think of where I prefer the light, funny 'monster of the week' episodes as opposed to the season arcs. Not that the season arcs would be so bad per se, if they did not ALWAYS follow the same formula. One of the brothers - Sam usually - screws up for...
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    Zero Punctuation: Dying Light - Yay, More Zombies

    The Hitting a pinata with a live cat line nearly got me to choke on my lunch. Well done, sir, well done. I'd be half curious to see what Yager could do wtih Dead Island 2, but I've had a severe allergic reaction to zombies ever since 2004, so I'll probably have to skip it.
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    Darkest Dungeon Preview - That Escalated Quickly

    Hear hear. I do hope they might tone it down a bit during the beta stage, if they get consumer feedback on it. If not, well, I'm still interested in the game and will just treat it like another health bar to manage. Stores to pack for medical emergencies: bandages, tourniquet material, splints...
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    Dragon Age Inquisition - Your favourite party member

    Damn, it's exceptionally hard to choose. By now I've done 5 run throughs, and travelled with every companion other than Vivienne (I don't see anyone mention her, I notice). And it's funny, but even characters I was 'meh' about to start with became interesting and attaching once I've travelled...
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    The Big Picture: American Sniper Sucks (And It's Okay To Admit That)

    From comment at 2:20 re 50 shades of and me both, Bob. We just got past that period in time contaminated by Twilight; even if you buried yourself under a rock and ignored all movies, books, posters, anything, it seemed to creep into your world via osmosis. And now this next year...
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    How You Can Make a AAA Game Like Today's Developers

    I don't think even the most generic of the AAA studio committees have yet to gather the courage to spitball a game called SHADOW OF THE SHADOW. But wait. It will come. Oh yes, it will come. It will feature skulls. Oh yes.