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    Why didn't people go see "Fantastic Beasts"?

    I'll give you my one and only reason. Eddie Redmayne. I never cared for his acting and there's just something about his face that I don't like. I can't explain why, but I know it's there.
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    Platinum Games Says it is "Constantly Talking" About Bayonetta 3

    Never bothered me before. And while I do own a gaming rig myself, I just like the idea of Bayonetta being a Nintendo thing. Just the idea of Nintendo backing a mature IP like Bayonetta to such a degree that it showed Nintendo was moving in the right direction. It'd be nice to see that trend...
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    Platinum Games Says it is "Constantly Talking" About Bayonetta 3

    Mmm. Switch release. She'll have all the Amiibos to work with.
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    The Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Features More Story Information

    Ya. I'd like to see more of that. I know humanity is easy to market because, duh, we're all humans here. But all the other alien races in Mass Effect are some of the strongest elements that make this series stand out. They're interesting, have memorable designs and it's coming off like we're not...
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    Will Resident Evil 7's DLC Manage to Mess Up What the Game Fixed?

    If I was to compare the Resident Evil franchise to anything that helps me to understand it, it would have to be the Star Trek franchise. Just like how Star Trek can be more than just a story about the crew of the Enterprise looking for new stuff in space, Resident Evil can be more than just a...
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    No WarCraft 1 & 2 Remasters Because They "Aren't That Fun Anymore"

    I look at this from the perspective of someone who believes that games, like movies, novels, comics and even TV shows should be preserved and be accessible. This whole argument that the first two WarCraft games don't hold up well by today's standards, while understandable, can apply to a lot of...
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    New Mass Effect: Andromeda Trailer Invites Gamers to Join the Andromeda Initiative

    "This path began a long time ago. A course paved through human history that took us across continents, oceans and ultimately, to the stars. For us, this planet is home. It's protected us, challenged us and provided us with the foundation to become galactic citizens." I love how much love this...
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    Spielberg's BFG Flops at Box Office

    One thing that turned me off of BFG was it's resemblance to Jack the Giant Slayer. There's something about these CGI Giants that are just very off-putting.
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    Day of the Tentacle Remastered Due Next Year from Double Fine

    What about Full Throttle?!
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    The BioWare Romance Trap

    I love romances... .> Ok, the female/female options, but seriously. When Fallout 4 was announced that there would be romance in the game, I was all giddy! I think an element of the romances when it comes to BioWare games is not so much how it integrates with the story, but how it affects...
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    Fallout Shelter Brings In Over $5 Million in Two Weeks

    I've pent $20 on it during it's 4th of July sale because I was actually enjoying the app to a degree that I thought $20 would be what I would have paid for a game like this before the FTP model was utilized. The game is still solid, if a bit quick to finish. The lunchboxes gives weapons, armor...
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    Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film Adaptation Announced

    Problem with these movies animated movies is that they all tend to be made as stand alone pieces with no connection to previous works outside of the brand. So no matter how much you may be jumping for joy about the idea of Barbara becoming the Orcale, we will most likely never see that because...
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    Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film Adaptation Announced

    I'd hate to be on the opposite side of everyone looking forward to this, but I'm getting a little impatient with DC animation not doing anything for their female characters. The fact that their next one is the story that cripples Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) just so they can glorify how awesomely...
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    Next Fire Emblem Will Be Split in Two

    I don't know. For all intents and purposes it doesn't make any sense.