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    Anyone watched the Netflix series "Love Death & Robots"

    Zima Blue was by far my favourite since it had a really animation style as well as a great story to booth. It managed to be the most mature out of the bunch without having to rely on tits and gore like the other shorts. My only criticism is that they relied to much on narration to spell out the...
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    I just realized, Luffy from One Piece does not have a Rival?

    What Kitsune above said, but no just in regards to Kid, but Supernovas in general. The whole point to the Supernovas is that the Strawhat Pirates aren't the only new generation of pirates that are aiming to discover One Piece, and that there are others just like them sailing, exploring, fighting...
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    Tired of Batman, well too bad here is Batman Ninja

    The 3D looks awful like all 3D in anime and the whole story looks like a hilarious trainwreck-can't wait!
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    Thoughts on Sonic Forces reception

    Another year, another shitty 3D Sonic game. Business as usual as far as I'm concerned. 3D Sonic games are a lost cause but they'll never go away due to the severe stockholm syndrome that hardcore Sonic fans have.
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    Your most Unpopular Media Opinion

    People bitching and moaning about how terrible and obnoxious the Undertale fandom is are far more obnoxious than anything I've encountered with the fandom. Oh, and while I don't think Undertale is the second coming of christ, it's still a wonderful game and the best surprise of 2015 for me, and...
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    Let's Talk Top 5 RPG's

    I dunno how to really make a list because what constitutes an RPG has become so broadly defined. Souls games, Persona series, Bethesda and Bioware game all constitute as RPGs, yet they are such apple and oranges as far as both gaming and narrative experiences. Bloodborne is probably my favourite...
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    CN releases two new Pilots, (Victor and Valentino) and Infinity Train

    Yeah Infinite Train looks awesome conceptually and I really like the MC and general humour of the show. It's like a cartoon Snowpiercer. My only complaint is the animation style looks a bit dry, particularly the colour palate, but hopefully that could change when it's picked up. It's emphasis on...
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    Rick And Morty Co-Creator Is Making an eSports TV Show

    You're going to have to be a bit more specific because nearly every single person mentioned in the article (including Harmon himself) is a polarizing figure on the internet. And you're more than welcome to voice your displeasure, as much as I'm able to voice my displeasure about everyone's...
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    Rick And Morty Co-Creator Is Making an eSports TV Show

    What a happy, merry bunch in these comments. Par for the course I guess. Anyways GG did something similiar with the World of Warcraft special they did a while ago, which was kind of entertaining. Might give it a watch. Harmon is all over the place these days, with Great Minds and Harmonquest...
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    Recommend me a Let's Player.

    Not really a Let's Player, but Demolition D+'s streams are some of the chillest and funniest stuff to watch, and mostly fit the criteria you described. He can get a bit "shouty" (and drunk) but it's less in the forced PewDiePie manchild way, and more in the drunk, nihilistic, self loathing...
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    Im confused about the new God of War?

    Considering how horribly wrong you are the majority of the time I'll take this as a glowing recommendation and sign about the game.
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    Im confused about the new God of War?

    Don't know about the actual gameplay, but I impressed that they managed to show more nuance and depth to this new direction of Kratos' character than he ever had in the original trilogy. Granted, thats still not a lot, but I'm glad that the developers are at least trying to make up for the fact...
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    HBO Releases Gallery of Game of Thrones Season Six Photos

    Man, I could not be anymore disinterested with the upcoming season just by looking at these images. The pacing has basically been beating around the bush for each season until something stupid happens at the end and then sets us up to watch the show beat around the bush even more with the next...
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    Street Fighter V Will Get A Cinematic Story Expansion

    ...except it's actually a free DLC As to the game being released without it, it's probably not ready. The approach Capcom has decided to take here probably has to do with releasing it early in the year so it has enough time for the competitive playerbase to get used to it in time for EVO. If...