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    What are your favourite races to play in games?

    Personally I really liked Rainbow Road. Loved making up my own "Shortcuts" even though most of my shortcuts usually wound up in a pit. Besides that Mushroom Bridge is fun as well. uses the car mechanic without going overboard on the scenery so you can actually see the cars coming.
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    Why aren't there more games like Animal Crossing?

    Well Stardew Valley showed the world that there is a demand for "life sims" out there. I just hope that developers come away with more then games about farming. I'm really hoping for a new AC like game myself... I kind of like playing the game a little at a time.
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    List of "Features" that actually will sell a game to you

    Level Editor/Sharing. Got to love what the community can come up with sometimes.
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    Poll: What do you think of facecams on let's plays?

    Can I propose another question? What does everyone think about facecams on Streaming. Considering they're pretty similar (One is recorded and one is live) I'm wondering how they differ and if people have an different opinion between the two.
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    So my brother is going to be playing through Undertale blind.(possibly spoilers?)

    AFTER his first play session. As I'm sure you know that reference isn't too far into the game so it could work. It just might be weird if your friend's mom calls up and then he starts flur- asking to call her m- actually, there's really no good way for him to approach this huh? Do it.
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    Autosave screwjobs

    I agree, it might not be elegant but the game should keep at least 3 autosave files. My idea is like this: Autosave1 is designated as the save for entering and exiting a map. Autosave2 is designated as the save for entering and exiting an specific area in the map. Autosave3 is designated as...
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    Undertale is one of the best games I have ever played.

    You need to think about this in the context of "bringing harm" to someone and not "killing them". Once you get past an area... if you didn't kill everyone you should turn around and go back. You might be in for a surprise ;). Edit: Just realized I made an mistake on what game you talking...
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    Hard Questions

    Slow your roll there bucko, no one said anything about rape. Besides the comics come from his head... if he wanted to he could just think about it and fap to- great I grossed myself out.
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    3/5 DONT BUY EVER SUCKS: Why do we consider these ratings shite

    I'm probably going to get slamed for a low content post but this is all I really have to say: *obligatory TVTropes warning*
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    A Cry for Help (TableTop RPG Race Ideas)

    Insect like Race Tree like race Or as a side a race of people that come from plants? -cat people? -fish people? Booorrriingg where's the Tanuki? Water Spirits No flying race? Wait you don't even have humans here. IDK a race of people DISGUISED as humans? Bipedal is boring go quad or...
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    Poll: I need some opinions on the Blizzard Community.

    Ok, so I need some help. More specifically help on determining the "Health" of the Blizzard community. As you know Blizzard is in the process of developing a game called Overwatch (It's a team based FPS for those of you who have been in a coma). Now the concerning thing is that games like...
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    Can we just talk about what we think of Overwatch as a game? Please?

    Did you buy Diablo 3 on launch day? Just putting that out there. OT: Looks cool I won't be playing it because I dislike Blizzard (don't ask why it's none of your business). Understandably there's tons of TF2 connections, but I wonder if Blizzard can handle the game in the long run, cause no...
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    Star Citizen Raises $55 Million, Making it The Most Crowdfunded Anything, Ever

    *Crosses Fingers* Please be good... Please come out... Please... Croudfunding has so much potential. Don't kill it by making people believe this was a scam. God I'm overly optimistic aren't I? Next Up: Star Citizen: Only on Nokia Phones.
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    No Right Answer: The Best Video Game That Makes Failing Fun

    Hmm... I'm not sure I agree with FTL being a good game to lose. Sure it's great to play FTL but losing sucks because all your work that you put into it for the last 2 hours is gone (except for the experience you gain in real life learning how to play the game). Victory feels sweet in FTL, and no...