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    Oculus Rift Price Revealed as Pre-Orders Open

    So, for most of its development the developer units were pricing out at an average of $400. And it was being run off of video cards which are now 2 or 3 generations behind. But now that it is being released to the consumer the price has gone up by 50% and only the latest greatest video cards...
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    Why is the Main Character in Fallout 4 Voiced?

    The problem with the argument you and others have stated is that there is a major difference between a "silent" protagonist and an unvoiced protagonist. Gordon Freeman was a silent protagonist, he never said a word in 4 games. Not one single word. The closest he ever came to uttering a syllable...
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    Why is the Main Character in Fallout 4 Voiced?

    Having yet to reach the Institute I would much rather define Bethesda as the Vault-Tec Corporation when it comes to mad science
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    When single-player game franchises go multiplayer

    Same here, I don't mind co-op as long as they aren't sacrificing the core game to do it. I can even tolerate a multiplayer button on the main menu which never gets pushed as long as the core game does is done well. But one thing which really gets my goat is when the developer not only tacks a...
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    When single-player game franchises go multiplayer

    That's interesting because Fallout (3 and New Vegas) is one of the franchises where I occasionally would like to play some co-op. I think one of the real problems is the way some many companies try to force a world experience which was designed from the ground up to be a single player narrative...
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    He Lived Long and Prospered: Leonard Nimoy Dead at 83

    I will miss his work. I grew up on Star Trek and enjoyed pretty much everything he was involved in. Holloywood has lost one of its brightest stars today
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    How Do You Know If A Web Site Is Secure?

    Saved me some Google Fu. As a CompTIA A+/Net+ and Microsoft Certified IT professional I read that comment and was actually scratching my head trying to remember when LM was last actually in use. I almost want to say it hasn't been seriously been used since the Win 9x days. On to the reason I...
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    Even More Great Anime on Netflix

    I enjoy Netflix and use it to watch a lot of anime I might not purchase based on a box blurb but the one major issue I have with the service is the lack of English dubs, especially for shows which already have English dubs released to DVD or airing elsewhere. Come on Netflix, fight harder for...
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    Slender Man: Birth of an Urban Legend

    Yeah, I could have sworn I had been seeing mentions of him for longer than 5 years... Unfortunately, the hysterical response to events like this one lead the mass populace to flip their lids and try to place the blame on anything other than personal responsibility. Some people are just not...
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    Pewdiepie makes $4 million a year.

    Good on him. Not my cup of coffee, but I won't begrudge someone who is able to make a good living doing something they enjoy that does no harm to anyone else. Personally I've wanted to try doing LPs and prodcasts from time to time but always become discouraged by my perceived inferiority to...
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    Poll: Fallout 3 vs Vegas/ Fallout 4

    Having only had exposure to the openings of 1 & 2 due to not getting my hands on them until they were released on Steam, I can only honestly speak towards Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. Fallout 3 was my introduction to the world of Fallout, I had seen the boxes for 1, 2 and Tactics as when...
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    MMO Adaptation Will Ruin What You Love About Your Favorite Franchise

    I tend to stay away from MMOs to avoid the time sink as well, especially when they have subscriptions. Just having an active subscription makes it into an obligation for me to log in and "get my money's worth" out of it every month. Add the un-fun mechanics of most MMOs (and ESO found a way to...
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    MMO Adaptation Will Ruin What You Love About Your Favorite Franchise

    I think Guild Wars has been doing interesting things. Every so often they move the world forward as major events take place. I am an on-again/off-again player and it seems like every time I hit an on-again phase I have to start by learning what happened. Last phase I logged out while in Lion's...
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    When's the last time you read books like these?

    1.Don't know and don't particularly care. I most likely have considering how many books I have read over the years but I tend to read what interests me, follow series from start to finish, and authors I really enjoy will get an entry in my "Keep an eye out for" list. Skin color, Gender and...
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    ... and good riddance to you! (SPOILERS ABOUND! In pretty much every post)

    I agree. Besides the point that he was trying to help, even though he usually screwed it up by failing to use any common sense, he was actually a very well thought out and understandable character. He wanted to do the right thing, he wanted to help out, and when he royally screwed up up he was...