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    Good Bad Flicks Exploring Suggestions

    I personally Cecil's exploring series looking at the production and filming of all sorts. They are in-depth and educational and Cecil clearly shows his passion. I wanted to create a suggestions page for films you would like to see Cecil to explore. Here are picks to start this off: - The...
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    Who should play 007 Next?

    The producers nearly did with Jinx back at around 2003. Halle Berry and Michael Madsen were set to respite their roles and Stephen Frears was going to direct, but the producers had the good sense to cancel the film and reboot the franchise.
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    Who should play 007 Next?

    These are my choices
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    What happened to the movie articles?

    Has something happened to Matthew Parkinson and Firefilm? They didn't have any articles published.
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    What other entertainment websites do you like?

    Beside from The Escapist what other entertainment websites do you like to visit for any TV, Movie, Comic Book or Video Game related?
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    Has MovieBob been fired from ScrewAttack?

    After The Escapist and MovieBob parted ways MovieBob ended up working as a freelancer for ScrewAttack. But he has not a video for them for over a month, so it made me wonder has he been let go again?
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    How to make video reviews?

    I was thinking of making film reviews on youtube and I hoping to get some advice. I am very much on the camera shy side and I was thinking of visually going for the style MovieBob did. I was wondering what recording and editing software he used and how he captured images and videos?