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    Features shooters desperately need.

    It sounds like you are just mad people are better then you.
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    Which WiiU and 3DS Games are Good to Start With

    I think that The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time would be a better first game then Mario 3D Land. I didn't really like 3D Land all to much most likely because the main part is short and the challenge stages are just slightly different versions of the first 8 worlds. It didn't take me very long...
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    Question about Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts

    So I've been thinking about getting it, but there is a lot of negativity around it. A lot of people don't like it because it isn't like the other games. My question is, is it a bad game, or a bad Banjo Kazooie game? What makes it bad or good?
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    A terrible plague upon the Escapist... (Please set an avatar)

    I'm pretty sure Yatzee doesn't have an avatar...
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    Square Enix is a ?Complete Failure?

    What remakes are they focusing on? They are finally just now remaking some kingdom hearts game after 5 or 6 years of begging for the current generation, still no ps1 final fantasy remakes and a new FFXIII very now and again. Personally I just expect more from them.
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    you wake up in the morning, and it's been announced that in american women have lost voting rights

    I've been skimming these comments and it turns out Im one of the few Americans/non Australian. I honestly wouldn't be to happy. I am male but America has made so many advancements in our history that taking away a right given to anybody would seem like a giant step in the opposite direction that...
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    Poll: Does anyone else feel like "Extra Credits" is full of shit?

    I stopped liking them when the surgery thing happened. They were like "hey donate so we can keep making videos for you!" Then like 2 episodes they left Escapist. Thats just kind of shitty in my opinion.
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    The most beatiful game character

    Either Tear from Tales of Abyss or Zero Suit Samus.
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    What was the most recent Zero Puncuation when you first happen upon this site?

    Im pretty sure it was Soul Calibur 4. Really thats the only reason I stayed on the site so long. Then I started watching Extra Credit (witch Im still kind of pissed they had their big charity drive for one of their staff then left 2 weeks later.) and Escape to the Movies and Big Question.
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    Is gaming dead for you?

    Its not the same. I havent had that "holy shit that was awesome" feelings in some of the newer games. All these run and gun games just don't do it for me as much as a nice RPG on the PS1 or 2 did.
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    If you could get thousands of gamers back on to one dead muliplayer game, which game is it?

    Kirby Air Ride. That had online but no one used it. It would be fun to have a good community for it.
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    Unintentionally hilarious glitches!!

    I was playing Just Cause 2 and I climbed on top of a jet just as it hit water. The guy (sorry can't remember his name) hit the coast and shoot through the air until he hit the side of a mountain. It was great.
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    Why don't Developers make the games we want to play?

    I know two of these answers! Square Enix doesn't want to remake Final Fantasy 7 until a game surpasses Final Fantasy 7, witch will take a lot of work because they consider it a "Divine Game." They see remaking it as "We will never be this good again, so lets just profit off of when we were." And...
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    Poll: Was Scarlet Johansson hotter in Iron Man 2 or The Avengers?

    So I saw Iron Man 2 shortly before seeing The Avengers and I think Scarlet Johansson just looks a lot hotter in Iron Man 2 then the Avengers but a lot of people are disagreeing with me. What do you think Escapist?