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    I Am Scared Of My Own Anger

    My dad was a lot like you he had built up so much anger over his life and could never really express it. He went to a therapist and started talking it out and he said he never felt so good in his entire life after some sessions. Trust me they'll help and you'll see your life will improve in so...
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    How do you find happiness?

    Being 19 was definitely one of the worst years of my entire life. I was horribly depressed and suicidal. Sounds like your a lot like I was at that time honestly. If I could go back in time and tell myself some advice. I would say the following. I hope some of this helps you. 1. Your in...
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    Escapist's Day Jobs

    I currently work at a deli making awful money, the people are nice, my boss lets me work whenever I want and I basically run the night shift and train all the new guys since I've been there a long time so more good stuff for a resume. Its acceptable for the moment. Also I'm about to get a...
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    Zero Punctuation: The Evil Within - As Bad as Bad Horror Games Can Get

    I've beaten this game and the plot really makes absolutely zero sense. Yahtzees borderline screaming at his microphone is completely justified. It's a game they padded out with stupid bullet soaking boss fights for absolutely no reason and the plot is basically never ever explained in any way...
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    Sexy Sex and You

    Do you think your number is too high, too low or completely meaningless? It's zero. So probably to low for a guy my age. Never been on a date or anything like that either. Do you judge other people based on how many people they've had sex with or think there's a limit to the amount of...
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    YouTube Gaming Star PewDiePie Turns Off Comments For Good

    4 million a year screaming into a camera and making rape jokes. Well time to spend sometime rethinking my life choices because obviously I've failed somewhere along the way.
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    Mom has brain cancer and my father wants me to quit my job to help take care of her, what do I do?

    Sounds like your dad is being a selfish cheap ass. Don't throw your life away that you just started because your dad who apparently has no life doesn't want to move even though he has no attachment to where he lives according to you. Tell your dad that he and your mother can move in with you or...
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    I just don't know what to do anymore

    I see you said your in northern Ireland so not sure what the popular dating sites their are. I use plenty of fish which is a good free site. Made an account and started talking with girls nearby pretty quickly and may actually have a date in a week or so, which is a first for me and I'm 24. The...
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    Poll: You will never be as happy in life as you are when in a relationship

    Most of the relationships I've seen in my life have been filled with mostly bitter hatred and resentment. People that tell me they wish they were single but they are married and its very complicated or they are just terrified of being alone which isn't healthy either. I know two or three couples...
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    Body Quirks

    I'm very double jointed in my arms. I can put an arm behind me neck and scratch the other side of my chest without any discomfort. I usually use my arm as a pillow, its great when your somewhere uncomfortable and you still want to lay down. Portable pillow : 3. I used to be able to put my legs...
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    Pewdiepie makes $4 million a year.

    Yeah he found his niche, jumped into the game at the right time, got lucky, Marketed himself perfectly and worked hard. That is how success tends to work. Good for him really he got his. He gets to be immortal in his own way in this world and never has to work another day in his life. He can do...
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    Looking for Reliable Work Online Maybe give that a try?
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    Wondering about starting my own gaming stream

    The answer is no there really isn't an audience for what you want to do. People that get views on stuff like that are people that already have legions of fans/followers/subscribers/whatever. So unless your HYSTERICAL with an amazing British accent you'll get zero views and even then you'll...
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    My First Interview

    Well the first thing you need to do is when he/she invites you in scream at them that your getting the job and that's final. Interviewers and bosses will appreciate your gungho spirit. Only kidding : ). In all seriousness wear something nice but casual. A nice pair of pants and a button down...
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    Do the social circles in american high school settings actually exist?

    Yea clicks exist, at least they did in my school. Certainly not to the moronic extent they do in the movies but they were there certainly. Mainly for my school it fell into the nerds/geeks, jocks, popular girls and then the general population of people who didn't fall into anything in...