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    Resident Evil Ultimate HD Edition Coming to Steam in February -UPDATED

    Steam workshop integration and I'm sold....whenever it goes on sale, 'cause i already own it for PC and Ps2.
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    World's Most Beautiful Sound is a Malayasian Swamp

    I actually prefer 'Delicate Drops'. One of the finalists. so very soothing.
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    Hatsune Miku Store Opens in Tokyo's Haneda Airport

    I want a Len Kagamine store...stupid famous Miku...your voice isn't even that nice...
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    Concept Art Shows What The BioShock Movie Could Have Been

    I don't see how a story mainly about deconstructing linear gameplay could possibly work as an engrossing story on film, where you don't have anything to do with the main character....but yeah i'm actually sad this project died.
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    Super Mario World Exploited By Raspberry Pi Robot, Programs Pong

    Oh I love TAS so much! Thanks for letting me know about this IanDavis!
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    A New Community Manager and a New Code of Conduct

    The forums are already kind of a dystopia , but regardless, good luck and stuff! the new CoC looks indeed better.
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    Magi Anime Adaptation of Spinoff Manga Is Greenlit

    Great, More adventures, more bishies and more above average shonen action.
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    Don't Recommend Me an Anime

    Junjou Romantica being the sole exception...Sort of. Don't watch Kill La Kill. It's bad.
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    Humble Indie Bundle X Drops Six Indie Hits, Promises More To Come

    Aaaah, i need to get a card very soon! This looks too awesome to let it pass.
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    Modder Makes Accessible One-Handed Xbox One Controller

    Or make porn games viable. On a totally serious note though, this is amazing. Kudos Ben, you're one Heck of an awesome dude for working on making gaming more accessible.
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    Are you a closet anime lover?

    Well, not really when i usually take a Sket Dance wristband to work (Work as customer service) and i already have told everyone what it means and where it's from. Everybody knows i like anime.
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    Dev: Final Fantasy X-3 Could Happen With Fan Demand

    OR. OR. OOOOR. You could release fucking Final Fantasy 15. Final Fantasy X was overrated to begin with, X-2 was mostly bad, X-3 just has no more room to explore with the story, it's already tightly resolved. so please. don't.
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    Is there any handheld/console game that you wish was ported to PC?

    Tony Hawks games are ported to the PC already, although the modding community is not as large as youd hope for. My personal choice is every single good JRPG. Mostly Shin Megami Tensei Titles.
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    Is there a chance we get an Escapist Just Cause 2 MP Server?

    I mean, people there are usually horribly unfun and way too rude in text and in everything else. If anything an Escapist , password porected server would be a nice hang out place.
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    Report: Steam Allows Publishers To Crack Down On Cross-Region Gifting

    Well, As a south american who was going to get a credit card so he can buy lots and lots of games from steam now that he has gotten a well paid job, i feel very VERY very dissapointed that this is something. I just love how this goddamn industry that i love and have been supporting for a while...