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    Nintendo Announces SNES Classic for This Fall, Has 21 Games

    And they will release a total of five of them, then discontinue it again!
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    Fallout: New Vegas Cosplayer Walks Through Town in Costume, Police are Called

    I think we're all ignoring one crucial detail. LOOK AT THAT MANS SWAGGER. Clearly the swagger of evil!
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    Star Wars Battlefront II May be Ditching the Season Pass

    The soul of your firstborn to work in the EA Slave Pits (AKA every studio)
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    Josh Brolin Cast as Cable in Deadpool 2

    Would have been hilarious to see Ron Perlman as Cable though; I mean he already kind of looks like him.
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    April Fools! Or Not... as Rick and Morty Season 3 Premiers

    Kind of annoying they decided to cut out Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super until next week though, 5 hours of the same episode of Rick and Morty is a little much, as good as it is that it'll be back.
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    Nintendo says Super Mario Run "Did Not Meet Our Expectations"

    Not to mention that they're about a decade late on the whole mobile thing anyway. And it was shit a decade ago.
  7. LTenhet is No More. Say Hello to Blizzard App

    And it'll only take 20 years for people to actually stop calling it If it ever happens, because Blizzard App is a horrible, horrible name.
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    8 Shows and Movies That Make the Tech-Savvy Of Us Cringe

    What about the first episode of the new MacGyver show, where the "EDGY TECH EXPERT" shows them how to REALLY encrypt/hack a computer! By hitting it with a hammer, yanking out the laptops harddrive, and -exposing the disk platter inside of it- WHY ARE YOU HITTING IT WITH A HAMMER
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    8 Video Games That Almost Ruined A Franchise

    I made the mistake of pre-ordering it, so I had the beta. So when it came out I couldn't even play it past the first mission, because everything else in it was so bad. The main problem is that CNC4 was supposed to be a free to play Asian-Market game to break into the competitive scene, and...
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    8 Amazingly Cheesy Retro Video Game Commercials

    I'm pretty sure they were all on acid too. I mean... I mean that's the only way to explain some of this.
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    Funcom Has Added Mod Support to Conan Exiles

    Yes, there is already a mod for that, which removes the limit on the sliders. So you can have giant chins or ears.... or you know gigantic breasts and dicks.
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    Call of Duty is Going "Back to its Roots" For 2017

    A few people did, and they were Reich.
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    Netflix Announces a Castlevania TV Series

    I look forward to seeing how they will screw this up.
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    Star Wars Spoof Coming from Friedberg and Seltzer

    I agree, most of these parody movies seem to be entirely "This is the plot of the serious movie but with WACKINESS!" it just seems like the older movies were actual movies, maybe loosely based on the plot of another movie but they took themselves more or less seriously and added jokes...
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    Barbie - Video Game Hero - How Clever!

    Have you tried turning it off and on again