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    WB Announces "Metropolis" A Superman Prequel Series For Digital Streaming

    Not to be that guy, but he's had his powers his whole life almost at this point. So him being new to being Superman isn't the same as him being new to the powerset. Plus him not really thinking things through is sort of a hallmark of this particular version of Superman. Also he wouldn't have...
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    So Frank Miller's adaptations > Alan Moore's adaptations?

    Not to be that guy, but that's more your problem than it is a problem with the critic. In fact it tends to be pretty obvious that Linkara does what the NC does and pushes the envelop of his character's emotional investment and dismay at things into a cartoonish level. I mean the man has a...
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    Which fictional characters heralded your sexual awakening?

    Good to know I'm not the only one. And yeah I remember the picture you're talking about. She was definitely the first character I ever had a crush on and I remember never getting why I liked her so much. But now as an adult I can realize that I just loved her personality and thought she was so hot.
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    Say hello to the new Iron Woman

    The hilarious thing about that Iron Man is perfect the way he is, is that Tony was never like this until post RDJ Iron Man. Tony pre-movie was a rather different character. He could be arrogant yeah, but nothing like post movie. He also wasn't exactly jokey. But otherwise I agree with you. This...
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    Feminists next target; Battlefield 1.

    That wasn't what I was talking about actually. I'm not talking from a sociological standpoint. I meant rather that it made no sense for the poster above to separate the two groups. If we're talking black Americans, what was his reason really for separating them into a separate group from just...
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    Feminists next target; Battlefield 1.

    Indeed, but there were plenty of black units and integration didn't come up in his point at all. Which again, doesn't make tons of sense because those black Americans are still generally just Americans.
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    Feminists next target; Battlefield 1.

    So I'm going to be that guy. Why exactly did we need to separate Americans and black people? Last I checked most of those black people were Americans, so why then did they need to be singled out for their contribution to a war that took place mostly in Europe. Now if we're talking non-Americans...
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    SJW Jim Sterling says Link has to be female and that violent video games promote rape culture.

    Which isn't a problem in and of itself, but then there were the statements that Jim responsed to...the one about Zelda in particular was a condescending bit of utter silliness. That's the problem that some people are going to have. If they don't like the idea, cool for them and their franchise...
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    Ghostbusters Trailer - Holy s#!t, how is it this bad?

    Not really. His role was to be the blue collar every man that grounds the team. He didn't bring "street smarts" so much as a cool skepticism to the affair that played well with Bill Murray's snarky con-man persona. They were the two unbelievers to counter point the two men of science that...
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    Is this guy a dick or is this ableism?

    Eh. Screw what they think. I'm going around them because I need to be where I'm going and if they don't that fine. I don't have any hard feelings, but I'm going and I don't need their permission to walk around them. In fact I've climbed a tree root and jumped between roots on a nature trail to...
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    Has MovieBob been fired from ScrewAttack?

    Not to be that guy, but yep seems about right.
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    Can we stop with the "Batman is more relatable than Superman" thing?

    B.S. If we as humans have looked at other human beings and thought of them as less than human...and we have...then we aren't imagining anything. If you can say that something lacks certain traits then how would it be impossible to say that something else possesses said traits? Heck, we've been...
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    Can we stop with the "Batman is more relatable than Superman" thing?

    So I read all of that as, biology is all I care about in regards to the character and don't know how to separate the idea of humanity as a species from humanity as an ideal. Besides I brought The Flash up for the same reason you thought to point out that Superman can steer a comet to Earth...