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    How long can you last without your mobile/cell phone?

    About 10000 years. I don't give a rat's ass about phones.
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    Facebook Buys The Escapist for $90 Million - Update

    I'm not laughing. No one here is dumb enough to believe it. Should've tried harder to fool the audience.
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    Escape to the Movies: 300: Rise of an Empire

    Well, doesn't look so good to me. We'll see it sometime, but the movie feels like a videogame with a good sex scene. That's all. Isn't it funny how games try to be more "realistic" and movies try to be more "videogamey"? I mean, the colors in the movie seem helish and I know that's what they...
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    Jimquisition: The Adblock Episode

    Well, I'll give it some thought Jim, that's all I can say, but how about this. I only remove adblock just for the part of the site where your videos are? I mean I prefer a case by case decision rather than going full frontal.
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    About 25% of Americans Don't Know the Earth Revolves Around the Sun

    To be fair, I didn't know the answer to the last one "do antibiotics kill viruses?" - I would've answered something like "not all because otherwise no one would die from disease"
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    LoadingReadyRun: Laughter

    Well guys don't take it the wrong way but I think this is the first time your show actually made me laugh. I mean I don't usually get your humor since I'm not from your country so forgive me for that but this episode for some reason made me giggle.
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    No Right Answer: Living with Depression

    In my case, I think depression comes from trying to be useful and failing or not getting the results I was going for. If I don't feel useful to myself or others, I feel like I don't belong and if I feel like I don't belong, that's when I get the most depressed. Of course, I don't want people to...
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    New Witcher 3 Screens Highlight a Grimly Beautiful World

    I think the game will scale beautifully to most decent platforms (talking about 3-4 cores and about 4gbs of ram, dunno about gpu though).
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    Exploring Cambodia's "Tomb Raider Temple"

    Yey, rich people visiting poor people's once prosperous countries. Sorry.. just cynical.. move along.
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    Shoot to disable instead of shoot to kill. Let's have an open talk about this.

    Shooting someone in the mouth to disable him from talking? Sure, I don't care that his brain is in the same vicinity. Since this is a gaming site I would like to see more games in which we can disable opponents rather than directly kill them. More games like that please :D
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    Steam Sale Doubled Income of PixelJunk Eden PC In Just Eight Hours

    Let me explain something to you guys from West Europe (including UK peoplez), America (US/Canada), Australia. You guys have maybe shitty jobs in your countries and have a hobby of playing videogames, BUT can afford one or 2 60 dollar priced games or 20-30 dollar priced games or whatever. That's...
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    To Hell With Comments

    Yahtzee, when you started doing reviews were you a professional or were you just doing a rant review about a game you liked/disliked? Opinions do matter, that's how you became somewhat famous, that's why you are valued now, that's why the Escapist bosses pay you for the content you provide which...
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    The Escapist's Reader's Choice GotY Final Round - Vote Now!

    Really, The Last of Us? Now that's bullshit right there.
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    Alan Turing Receives Royal Pardon For Homosexuality Conviction

    Cool! Who's going to tell him the news? Do you guys have his email address or have him on twitter? Riight, I read about him, a bit about his bio too when studying some computer science thingies, but the sad thing is that things like this are still happening, so his case should be a reminder to...
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    The Escapist Presents: Gavin's Five Favorites of 2013

    I still think The Last of Us is not as good as people think (yes the relationship between the certain 2 characters is one of the best things in gaming, but the rest is just typical zombie fluff), but Gavin's passion is the star in this video. Thank you for the review Mr. MiracleOfSound!