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    Recommend me a good abridged series

    Its not actually an abridged series but you should look into the English dub of Ghost Stories. Its an anime that the voice actors were given a bare bones plot synopsis and told to go wild with it to make a generic horror/adventure anime sell. Its pretty easy to find a best of jokes reel on...
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    Asexuals and low sex drives

    Oh god there is already so many thing in this thread. I just kinda want to post this here. I don't know if this will help but its a good place to start.
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 026: Bob and Ross' Thanksgiving Holiday Spectacular

    Just having re-listened to the podcast, I realized that I miss the old intro/extro music. I don't know if it means much to you guys but I miss the happy, bouncy tune. It made me excited for what was coming and made me smile after whatever had been said was done.
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    No Vasectomy for You!

    Wait, so your doctor didn't want to perform the surgery because you might change your mind, but you can't have children. Did the doctor know you were infertile? That seems like something that would be at least a note on a medical chart or something(I don't know how medical stuff works). Anyway...
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    The Stealth Release of Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

    I just got back from Gamestop with my friend, who bought me this game for my birthday. The thing is, I had only heard about this game even being released in America just two days ago. Did anyone else hear ANYTHING about this game before today? This is one of the games I bought a 3DS for and the...
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    Recommend me some fantasy pen and paper rpgs

    You could try 13th Age. Its a bit new but it give a lot of stuff for everyone to work with. Its a bit lighter on the rules than D&D but it opens up the characters a bit more. I would say more but I'm going out now.
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    What fictional universe would you want to live in?

    I would want to live in the pokemon universe because it is probably the least likely to kill me out of malevolence. I mean it is a world where humans live in a very eco-friendly environment, its mostly safe to travel on foot everywhere, the wilderness can be reasoned with, the science is cool...
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    Favorite fanfiction?

    You did not just ask that question. Whelp, time to get out my huge favorites list. I'll just include stuff from games for simplicity sake. Also its a mix of one shots and series, some spanning several stories. I will not include summaries since the pages on provide decent ones anyway...
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    Was Morrowind really the best?

    I'm sorry but I wanna punch Morrowind's mechanics in the face. First off, there was needing to walk everywhere in Morrowind, which would not have been so bad if: 1. I could place markers on a map to remind myself where to turn or something. The map being covered in a fog of war like blur...
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    The Show You Should Be Watching: Rick & Morty

    I hadn't given much thought to this show, mostly because I just don't watch TV all that much, but I may go give this a try as soon as finals are over.
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    Aversion to Sex

    Ehh, theres nothing wrong with you. If you are going to college, I'd say go and get in contact with any campus LGBT(etc.) organizations since what you are describing sounds a lot like asexuality and those people would most likely know what it is and try to help you understand yourself better...
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    11 Percent Of Americans Think HTML Is an STD

    I just did a quick little math thing and a sample size of 2000 is about 4% of my city's population. I live in a rather small city in Southern California, so population is a bit condensed but the city has an area of like 6 square miles. It really is a drop in the bucket.
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    Doctor Who is literally the hardest series to get into.

    I actually just got into Doctor Who. My family just got netflix and I had been shown a couple of episodes of doctor who by a friend and just decided to start from the beginning of the 2005 series. Its not that hard to start.
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    Make a drinking game for any video game

    My friend and I did this for Kingdom Hearts 2. Drink for every mention of Heart, Light, Darkness and down a whole glass every time some one says, in this order, "Sora, Donald, Goofy" Given that we were 16 and not terribly enthusiastic about alcohol, we just used water. Anyway, this probably...
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    Feed Dump: Runners, Sliders, Designers

    I dont understand the White Castle burger thing. I dont get how they can be 'so influential' when we dont have it on the west coast. At least McDonald's, as horrid as it is, is everywhere.