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  1. ManaAdvent Going Under at the End of December

    Sad to say, but recently today Korey Coleman, movie reviewer and site manager, had just announced in Twitter today that after this month will be no more. On the site, he even give a 'thank you letter' to the many supporters and...
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    The scary thread

    TheLittleFears is back!
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    Great Fictional Speeches

    My word this was an amazing soul-crushing speech in anime villainy. Here's also a strangely beautiful speech from a crazy Tart Toter. Only in Adventure Time that this can work well:
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    Steven Universe

    Rebecca Sugar, music maker and storyboard artist who helped created I Remember You and Simon and Marcy from Adventure Time, had branched out to create a new cartoon on CN, Steven Universe. I've created this topic since a preview clip for the show is up on CN's site along with other cartoon...
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    Favorite/Good Songs Introduced by a TV Show

    Speaking of Venture Bros. it leads to my other choice which is Aquagen ft. Rozalla's Everybody's Free remix:
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    Favorite/Good Songs Introduced by a TV Show

    Ever been introduced to one your favorite/good songs (done by a real-life band) through a TV Show/Cartoon? The most recent one I can think of is from Adventure Time that introduced me to No Wonder I by Lake (FYI: the singer did the ending theme to AT as well): Full version...
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    Favorite robots

    What? No mention of this adorable and playable little guy?
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    Fictional characters you wish you could punch in the face?

    Almost forgot to mention the Great and Powerful B*tch Trixie from FiM as well. Reformed or not, she is one of the most annoying and arrogant ponies who serves as a poor rival for Twilight on the show with that Valley Girl accent and speaking in the third person all the [email protected] time like she was Bob...
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    Fictional characters you wish you could punch in the face?

    I would like to add the Cutie Mark Crusaders from MLPFiM because of how annoying they get especially when trying to get their cutie marks and they seem to be nothing more than plot devices while doing so. Doesn't help the fact that we obviously know what their talents are in the episode...
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    Fictional characters you wish you could punch in the face?

    Eh, I don't mind Tidus from FFX and there is some redeeming qualities to him. Though at least he isn't a total Non-Entity like Vaan from FFXII who wants to be a sky pirate but does diddly squat to the story at large especially when Ashe comes into play and doesn't really stand out compared to...
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    If you could bring any setting to the real world?

    The Land of Ooo. Sure it may be post-apocalyptic, but hey, an entire Kingdom made out of CANDY!
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    Favorite cast of characters

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    Whose Line Is It Anyways? RETURNS!

    Drew may be gone, but Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie, and Wayne Brady return to the improv scene with new episodes! I hope this means Greg Proops and Brad Sherwood returns as well as the usual 4th members and hopefully, some new comedic...
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    Poll: MLP S3 Finale: Why it's the best episode so far

    It's more or less partially because of the reforming part since many like I do, wanted Discord to remain the villain (though he may switch sides later on), and also that the episode felt mostly rushed especially with Discord's heel-turn near the end that like with the finale, it should have been...
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    Favorite Villain Lines

    Pretty much EVERYTHING in The Major's war speech in Hellsing Ultimate OVA 4: