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    You Are Probably Using Google Chrome to Read This

    I use SRWare Iron, myself. Chrome goodness without the creepiness
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    Union Jack or Union....Flag?

    There is an official Saint David's flag, and there have been short-lived campaigns to try and change the official Welsh flag from the Dragon to the Cross. Personally I prefer the dragon, but the cross would be easier to integrate into the union flag...
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    Poll: What's your favourite race in Skyrim

    Right? Such a nation of badasses that they don't need no help from nobody, especially from those lily-livered Imperials
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    Poll: What's your favourite race in Skyrim

    I think what he means by that is that they don't share ancestry with the other humans, who seem to have all linked up up some point or another.
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    Poll: What's your favourite race in Skyrim

    Now that's a race you want to play :p Never played Redguard so I didn't stumble across that unfortunately. My usual example of how great Redguards are is the fact that they kicked the Thalmor out of Hammerfell, without Imperial support. That, and the fact that since Morrowind at least they've...
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    Poll: What's your favourite race in Skyrim

    I didn;t know that bit of the lore. I didn't believe it was possible for them to be bigger badasses than they were already :D
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    Poll: What's your favourite race in Skyrim

    So little love for the Redguards and their curved swords?
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    Poll: How many relationships have you been in?

    I know the number is proof that I have serious intimacy issues and probable emotional troubles of some sort, which means that I will probably not find a "the girl for me"'s nice to have a turn at being part of the 1% for a change
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    After nearly three decades.... I realized something today.

    Smoking Aces. Was hoping to see aces having smoking a fag (as in cigarette for those who don't know that meaning of the word)
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    Poll: Planetscape: Torment or Baldur's Gate 2?

    How does one choose between two masterpieces? I'd suggest both if possible, but if you must do one or the other then I'd go with Baldur's Gate 2 first. As some have said, it's a better game mechanically, with combat being shedloads more fun than Planescape's, while also having a good...
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    Does this site ever give you a headache?

    Basically anyone who follows organised religion is in for a bashing on internet forums unfortunately... I'm a Muslim, so I get the gay bashing stereotype AND the "you just want to keep women hidden and subdued" stereotype. Much fun. But I have to say this about the Escapist Forums : even if...
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    Roleplay Workshop

    What I meant by the contemporary setting wasn't so much that they wouldn't enjoy fantasy setting (their enjoyment of that genre is what made me think about doing the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG), but rather seeing as how I'll be introducing people to RPGs I wanted something that they could relate...
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    Roleplay Workshop

    Hey there fellow Forum-dwellers! I'm organising an introduction to pen and paper roleplaying games at my university, with the obvious aim of introducing people with little or no experience with roleplay to this particular type of game, but also to potentially start a new group of roleplayers...
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    Because it's pie. Beautiful, beautiful pie. Like a buxom, slightly smelling of pastry and meat, barmaid giving you a "come hither look", unless you're otherwise engaged with another pie....woman, there is no reason NOT to let yourself be tempted...
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    A potentially original take on piracy? Probably not, but interesting.

    Good God, why are you looking for reasons to be offended? He means piracy, not gifts, and you know that, or should at least seeing how piracy is the theme of this thread. Being overly pedantic is not a sign of cleverness.