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    Mario Maker 2 levels

    Hi all, With MM2 just released I thought it might be nice to have a place where we can share our levels. Here's mine: RNT-YD6-2DG Remember people put a lot of work into their levels so make sure all critcism is constructive and give their played level a like. Looking forward to playing...
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    Avengers Infinity Wars (plot holes?)

    What makes you think Doctor Strange didn't do exactly what was needed to keep them on the path to victory?
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    In what situation is it socially acceptable for a 20 year old to date a teenager?

    God you Americans are such prudes. It is clearly and undeniable fine for a 20 year to date and 18 year old. You may not personally like it, but that's what makes you a prude.
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    I am not watching Justice League until I see Snyder's Cut of the Movie.

    I certainly preferred the Green Lantern movie to MoS or BvS.
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    Best of British Comedy

    Don't binge that one though. I did once and my brain basically melted.
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    What's Makes A Man/Woman?

    There are certainly statistical trends when it comes to men and women but, as you point out, the vast majority of what makes a "man" and a "woman", beyond the physical traits, is purely a social construct. You are you, and you don't need to be constrained by the social concept of gender...
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    Zero Punctuation: Sonic Mania

    That because it's a good Sonic game and so there wasn't much to complain about.
  8. Maze1125 Brings Back Pinata Madness Sale Starting Today

    This isn't loot crates. Loot crates give you in game items which either unbalance the game by being pay-to-win or are pointlessly cosmetic. This is a simple lucky dip. You're getting a thing that people justifiably pay money for; it's just a gamble which one you get and, as always, all GOG...
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    There Were 215 New Games Released on Steam in the Last Week Alone

    Don't forget that means Valve is getting $20,000 a week just from new games getting added on Steam. Not massive for a company like Valve, but enough to pay for 30 or so employees.
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    Joss Whedon to Direct Batgirl Movie

    Well if the nail is that loose it won't be an issue to get it back out again.
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    Nintendo Announces Super Mario Odyssey for the Switch

    Super Mario Sunshine?
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    Miyamoto Explains Nintendo's Decision to Pursue Motion Controls

    That's because analogue sticks are absolutely terrible controls for FPSes, nothing crazy about it. I've been playing games, both PC and console, for my entire life and the only thing worse than analogue sticks for FPS aiming is back when FPSes had four arrow keys that controlled both aiming...
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    Ditto Arrives in Pokemon GO

    Or... You could just have a friend...
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    How exactly did Days of Future's Past "retconned" X-Men Last Stand?

    Magneto only had the opportunity to kill the president because of Wolverine travelling to the past. In the original time-line Magneto remained imprisoned miles underneath the Pentagon.
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    Ten Classic Sierra Games Hit Steam Yesterday, and They're In a Humble Bundle Today

    They appear to have locked out the ability to pick your own charity and instead have to give any donation to Activision's own charity... That's not suspicious at all...