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    Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Needs More *69

    I felt the need to log in after what is at this point maybe a year of inactivity to say... I agree largely but don't think those criticisms affect the game to the extent that they deserved a possible recommendation of skipping the game. The mask system was a beautiful way to vary gameplay and...
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    Tipping people who make more money than you.

    Australian, so disregard opinions on tipping, but I see it like this: you have a certain amount of money and you reward effort by tipping. If you have less money your money is more important to you and thus the size of your tip should reflect that. If you are making minimum wage, I'd understand...
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    Aside from Gameplay, what's the second most important part of a game?

    It's hard to say, it depends on what the game itself emphasises. There are games that work on story, art direction, soundtrack (a decently large factor for me) alone, and I tend to be happy with any done well. Basically as long as it does enough things right I don't mind what things they are...
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    Salutatorian forced to change her graduation speech, is praised for doing so

    I think it is actually censorship and the school shouldn't have made her change her speech. As long as the school and those speaking for it as a government body don't endorse one religion over another or none, students should be able to say what they like. Of course, ideally everyone else would...
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    Scammers Lead to Closure of League of Legends Chat Rooms

    Fair point. Machiavelli's teachings remain relevant in modern society.
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    Post some of your nations slang

    Funny, also from Australia and more often hear "bogan" used to refer to rich, urban, abrasive white people (who may or may not live in the Shire).
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    Poll: Doctor Who: Female and/or Non-White Master, Yay or Nay?

    Whatever the lore says. If regeneration is a blank slate, fine, the Doctor probably should have been a female and a black guy and a few other things by now. If there are some kind of continuity rules, which there could be, I'm not into it enough to know, then as long as it sticks to that, cast...
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    Gamers Uncomfortable with Change, Says EA's Peter Moore

    No, he's right. We don't like change generally. PEOPLE don't like change generally. Doesn't excuse you living in your own little fantasy world where you can do whatever the fuck you like because people just don't know they want it yet. I swear EA has so many stupid reasons for the...
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    Scammers Lead to Closure of League of Legends Chat Rooms

    What the fuck, guys. The developer said that toxic players are a sign the game is good because they keep playing even if they hate some things and other players play despite them. I remember no-one saying that the toxicity itself is good. Yet you all seem to be determined to pin on Riot that...
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    Finnish Hearthstone Tournament Changes Policy on Women - Update

    Ok, so obviously, it's really stupid that they're segregating men and women because there is no clear divide that I am aware of between their ability to play Hearthstone as a general trend. We segregate them in sports because men are naturally stronger and women should have a chance to excel in...
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    Ubisoft: Far Cry 4 Is Packed to the Gills With Women

    "they of all", not "all". Different. I actually believe them when they say it would be a lot of work. The more in-depth a game is the less able you are to switch in and out protagonists of different races and genders, not to mention voice and animations. Had they said "We've chosen a male...
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    Ubisoft: Far Cry 4 Is Packed to the Gills With Women

    You tell a company that without knowing anything about their game except the protagonist's gender that they need to have more females, nothing about character development or treatment of themes, do not be surprised when they figure shoving females in their games is the solution. Going off...
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    Researchers: Global Warming Is Endangering Emperor Penguins

    Not the Emperor Penguins! Will this finally be the thing to motivate people around the world to bind together as one in solidarity, install some solar panels, and fucking make an effort?! At least it isn't chinstraps then.
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    Addiction to technology

    If you have over 400 friends on Facebook and you're lonely, you're not addicted to technology, you're antisocial and loose with your friend requests. That aside, on one hand, you miss nothing by not talking to people on public transport. On the other hand, if you're with friends, put that...