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    I don't get it.

    I like sports. I just don't like the "alpha male" culture surrounding them, how they tend to let athletes get away with horrible things (but you see that with a lot of people of "high status" anyway), and how crazy the fans can get sometimes. So when I do catch games I get excited and invested I...
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    Your five flaws

    1. Lazy and Procrastinator. It's affected both my grades and my health, and I haven't made a serious and conscious effort to try and change it. 2. Introverted. It is hard as balls for me to talk to people who I've never met, and I mean naturally talking. I can talk to complete strangers, but...
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    Advice for guys who don't know how to approach women.

    Oh, of course. I think people tend to try and ignore a person's flaws because they're afraid they won't find anyone else afterwards. I honestly couldn't imagine how anyone can remain with a person they cannot stand, but hey some people just can't let go. But, I think "accepting your partner's...
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    Advice for guys who don't know how to approach women.

    ..Huh, that turned out to be much better than I thought. Except that last part though. It kind of comes off as "here's how you manipulate your girlfriend" more than anything else.
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    What are your most distinguishing features?

    I have none. My boyfriend even said that I have a tendency to blend in with crowds. Though my recently acquired "dreads" might fix that.
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    Poll: Do you listen to rap?

    Not as much as I used to. I don't actively seek rap music out, but when I find some songs that I like I'll download them. The kind of rap I'm exposed to on a regular basis is the kind that usually have materialistic subjects and I don't care for those. If I had to pick who my favorite rappers...
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    boys have a penis girls have a vagina

    Well, we had the sex education course by the time I was 10. I kinda figured boys had different parts than I did when I walked in on someone in the bathroom when I was in preschool (he was my age so no, he couldn't be charged with exposing himself to a minor).
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    How many users in 4chan and similar sites, are truth to their words?

    I tend not to take anything from 4chan (mainly /b/ because I think that's what people talk about when they think of 4chan) seriously. It really wouldn't make a difference if they were just trolling or if they were serious, I would see it as a bunch of people wasting their time.
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    That's understandable. I couldn't tell you meant that by your previous post. ( I really just wanted to say the first sentence, but that would risk mod wrath o__o)
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    What's wrong with that? If both parties are aware that it's just sleeping around, and they stay safe I don't see the problem with it.
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    What is with the lack of "show, don't tell" in anime?

    OH MY FUCKING GOD I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS. My favorite animes usually manage to avoid this for the most part, and even if it occurred I wouldn't have noticed it (There's a challenge for you, find where they violate "show, don't tell" in Samurai Champloo, Full Metal...
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    What if avoiding gender roles IS what makes them happy?
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    I'm aware that they'll never go away, I just think it's a bit silly to expect everyone to follow them Captcha: "cross the rubicon" What the hell does that mean?
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    I don't really care if a guy is traditionally masculine or not. It just ticks me off when they are expected to showcase either.
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    Poll: A Certain Double Standard

    I honestly didn't see the poll that way, but ok. No we don't have many female football teams. We have rugby teams, but the only female football games that occur are annual "Powder-Puff" games which vary from school to school.