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    Griefers are Sadists

    People who play through the game at a low level, buff their equipment up to full, and then head back to the burg to invade newbies. It's basically the reason they decided to tie weapon levels to the multiplayer system in Dark Souls 3.
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    I wanted to play a themed character in Dark Souls II, but all the Reapers suck :(

    Best I can think of is using the Bone Fists for the "touch of death" approach.You do need the Ivory King DLC for it though, and it isn't a weapon I've actually experimented with so unsure how effective it is. It also isn't exactly a weapon one has the stats for early game... Still, maybe? In...
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    Why are people making such a big deal of out of Quiet from MGS 5?

    I?ll throw in my personal opinion on the subject. For starters, as far as the tweets are concerned, why not both? Everyone seems to think that Kojima was "defending" his action in making Quiet erotic by saying we?ll feel sorry for her, or backpedalling from saying he made her more "erotic"...
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    Life is Strange Episode 3-Just wow (Spoilers)

    It's certainly odd, and this throws a new wrinkle on the rules of time travel she has been playing with. I suppose the fact that when she went far into the future she didn't "vanish" or anything, but I assumed that was because she returned at the same point in time she left. When she went back...
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    Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer

    A button mash... I like that idea, so long as it's kept snappy enough. Suits the game quite well really.
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    Just Cause 3 Gameplay Trailer

    I agree, they really should have just put it from the perspective of which one will actually play it with the proper gameplay segments. I know it was still gameplay footage just given some cinematic angles, but... Iunno, maybe Battlefront just left a sour taste in my mouth. I'm curious as to...
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    Big bad resurrection

    Mostly yes, building up the unstoppable evil and never seeing it can be kind of a letdown. There are compromises, such as an "incomplete" summoning for when it has been built up so much there's no realistic way the good guys can be expected to beat it. Jak 3 is an example, albeit a slight...
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    Evolve! But without Monsters?

    Well, from my experience you do at least need to get to level 2 to wipe them now, not that i'm an expert. I've had one game where the monster managed to win at level 1 (although weirdly enough they were a Goliath... they were really good and I at least did pretty bad OK?) I'll admit I've had...
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    Evolve Review - Intelligent Design

    You mean more like Borderlands in the sense that each character is self-sufficient and teamwork isn't strictly necessary? Could be interesting, although honestly if what you wanted to keep in this game was the asymmetrical teams, balancing would be... painful, with each character simultaneously...
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    Dragonball Xenoverse Observations - Good & Bad

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Now, to the negatives that i'm curious about. Yeah, lack of android CaC is a pity, I suppose there's a chance that you can get items that might emulate how androids play at least? I do hope that will be the case. Agreed, that is a shame :/, is this just for CaC...
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    If you could create a Dark Souls boss

    I want a sort of sneaky, "wall shadow" boss. A sort of wolf perhaps, or humanoid. Not that large or powerful, but fast, and the ability to go through walls. The arena is a maze,the creature can strike from any direction, and it's just plain scary. The main flaw is it doesn't give much...
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    Damned: Multiplayer Survival Horror That Works

    I've played the game and I think it's... alright. The "trap-setting" mechanic is a pretty cool idea in theory (and works decently well in practice), the idea that the sudden noises aren't merely jump scares but an alarm telling the monster where you are is brilliant really. Searching frantically...
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    Moments in non-horror games that scared the shit out of you?

    Resistance: Fall of Man, it was nothing more then a cheap scare chord and a basic enemy (one who you've already killed your fair share of) running down another corridor, but it was so out of left field in what was an action game through and through it did spook me.
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    The Last Of Us: What am I missing?

    To be fair, there's Tommy's group. as far as can be told from the context of a game they are a proper community looking to become self-sufficient and they're certainly still there at the end of the game. I mean, you could argue that they're still being attacked by bandits (which, I won't deny...
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    Dark Souls 2 - What i'd like to see

    While I think you're raising a valid point, I think you're going about it slightly the wrong way. The examples you're giving are really just numbers too. Numbers that try to drag a player to performing in their style of choice repetitively. 10% buff every time they attack after a roll? Great...