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    The GOG Goodbuy 2016 Sale Lets You Save Money and Dodge DRM

    DRM free is most definitely a valuable asset of GOG, what is there to even argue about? The hate for DRM has died down a little but people still remember the DRM systems that ruined the experience for people who paid for their games and did nothing to stop the pirates. Even while the...
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    The Mythbusters Take on Doom Myths in Video Game Special

    Mythbusters just isn't the same without the junior team :(
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    Happy Holidays from Sony: The Interview Is Available Online

    It is once again proven that marketing is all that matters and not the quality of the product you deliver. Oh well, time to go and rent this movie because... well because of all the great acto... or rather all the great reviews... Ah screw it, let's just give Sony the 6$ because that is the only...
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    Grumpy Cat's Christmas Movie Has a Trailer

    Really? For me the trailer had a feel of a non-sarcastic version of South Park´s Rob Schneider move trailers.
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    Big Huge Games Returns With Civilization-Inspired Strategy Game

    This is basically a cruel joke being played on all the RON/ROL fans. Though I suppose you can always hope that they somehow magically manage to work their way up from zero.
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    Weird Al's Game of Thrones Pastiche Will Kill You With Laughter

    Game Of Thrones boobs joke, the lowest of all low-hanging fruits. It kind of feels to me like a summary of Weird-All´s return to public. Well, at least there´s always the old stuff.
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    We're Livestreaming the New D&D Starter Set

    Not a big fan of tabletop games but that was quite fun.
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    Would you like a proper game of thrones game?

    Game of Thrones game was a very positive surprise for me. If you enjoy linear RPGs (Witcher, Dragon Age) and are willing to look past a few minor flaws, you will find a good, not to say great game underneath. Sure there are a few things that are a complete slap in the face but overall, a great ride.
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    DayZ Alpha Amasses 400,000 Sales in First Week

    I believe it´s 750k copies sold at this point... Anyway, if you are expecting your average run-and-gun call of duty or battlefield, then don't bother, this isn't what the game is all about. It´s a very slow buildup, to a few moments of very intense action (that is if you don´t die getting...
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    Steam Holiday Sale Kicks Off

    Is it just me or Amazon has better deals on games these days than Steam does. Gotten lots of great stuff there for only a few bucks. Right now there is Europa Universalis IV for 10 bucks that I will be probably buying, while Steam...noting spetacular so far.
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    Holiday PC Sales: $24 Rome II Total War + $10 Civ V Gold

    The winter sale - nothing spectacular when it comes to the prices and the titles, a sea of mediocrity at most. Or maybe I have just been spoiled by the Humblebundle.
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    South Park Spoofs PS4/Xbox One Console Wars

    Oh boy, they finally delivered a great episode this season. Lots of great moments and that ending...
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    Humble Store Opens With 24-Hour Debut Sale

    Kind of feels like they sold out but I suppose having the 10% go to charity rather than 0 is still something.
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    Battlefield 4 Review - Only in Battlefield

    Where´s the video for this "Video review"?
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    Escapist Podcast: 113: Watch_Dogs Delayed

    Good as always. Podcat - your nr.1 source for internet memes, goatscreams as well as all sorts of other randomness. Love it! The starwars vs GOT thing was pretty damn amusing.