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    The new Tomb Raider movie

    Pretty much what I felt watching the trailer and pretty much the reason why I have zero reason to go see it. Honestly it made me want to go rewatch the original two cause as dumb as they were they atleast had entertaining over the top shit going on.
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    Man killed by police after angry CoD gamer SWATs player for lost $1.50 wager match

    I've always said that it's not a matter of "if" but "when" a death is going to result from swatting, and here it is. Really messed up.
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    What is all the fuss with Danganronpa?

    I have never seen it, nor have I any idea what it's about, all I know is everyone is gay. Yes, I hang out with too many fujoshi, sue me.
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    Aches and Pains

    Heel spur that I've had for years and just won't go away, and the only option left to fix it was surgery which is not something I can afford. It's fine so long as I don't have to run. Or stand/walk for more than an hour or so. And I have migraine attacks once or twice a month, which usually...
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    Poll: Battlefront 2. You getting it?

    Played the beta for a few hours and honestly I've had my fill of it. But even if I was looking forward to it I would still pass, it just doesn't feel right buying it.
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    EA response is typical

    And that's another 10k downvotes in less then half an hour. Guess one has to keep that reputation as worst company going. Personally, I would not mind micro transactions if they, you know, were actually micro. At this point I think we really need to come up with a new term, or just change it to...
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    What the hell?

    I did not know that was even a thing, and now I kinda wish I was still ignorant of it. Just looking at that picture gave me all kinds of weird tingeling in my body, and not the good kind. Can't say I felt any kind of fear but it definitely made me feel weird. Then I did the dumb thing of using...
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    A Skip Button for Boss Fights

    Can say I can really object to a completely optional feature that does not need to affect you if you don't want it to. Though, to be fair, I would probably use such a thing from time to time.
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    It's not ALWAYS "toxic," right?

    I can still remember to good old days of the very early DayZ, where you would actually be happy to see total strangers.
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    Windows 10 is Upon Me

    I'm one that held off until I couldn't no more and have been running it for just a few months now. While overal it's been a good transition, much better then I thought it would have been, I would recommend something like windows X app remover. Just to get rid of all the build in bloatware that...
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    Valkyria Chronicles, and How Games Talk About Racism

    Sure they might be different, but it really doesn't matter what you think about it personally. Legally, if you discriminate based on race, ethnicity or nationality you are guilty of racial discrimination. And sure, racial discrimination and racism are technically not the same thing, in Europe...
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    Valkyria Chronicles, and How Games Talk About Racism

    How is there hypocrisy? You said it yourself, they depict racial discrimination, which, by definition, includes discrimination based on ethnicity and nationality. Since the Valkiria franchise clearly depicts other European based ethnicities I don't see your point in the slightest. And it...
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    Poll: Marriage - What is it Good For? (Absolutely Nothing! Huh! Yeah!)

    1. Nope, and I do not see any real reason to marry, nor does it have that many benefits. 2. I'm not, so I do not. 3 and 4. I don't care, marriage has been around for thousands of years, across many cultures in one form or another, it's nothing sacred and does not belong to any one group.
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    Poll: Do you prefer First Person View or Third Person View or both

    Really depends on the type of shooter. More tactical ones I prefer First cause seeing around corners and over walls is some grade A bs. But shooters where such things aren't much of a factor, and/or you can dive, flip or do other kinds of crazy shit, then third person is preferred imo.
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    Atelier games

    If you want a easier time, go with Sophie, seeing as it doesn't have any kind of time limit to speak off, and traveling around is fairly fast and simple. I would also warn you for Firis as it's not a good port and terrible optimised. Horrible looking shadows on the models, that you can't really...