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    Finished Gnoll Puppet

    This is Moze. He's a gnoll himbo who will be one of the stars of an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons puppet series we are making for youtube! Moze is very sweet and very strong but very dumb and always hungry. His job will be to teach about monsters. What their stats are and how to fight them...
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    Gnoll Puppet

    Hey guys! This is Moze Crushbone. A gnoll I played in a dnd campaign. He's going to be a character in our upcoming DnD themed youtube series. Will post new pics when the rest of his body is finished. This took a week to make so I couldn't help but want to show it around early. XD
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    Pokemon DnD 5e Games Starting

    These games have been canceled. I was unaware that the person who made this Pokemon homebrew system is in legal trouble for doing so.
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    Pokemon DnD 5e Games Starting

    As the title implies I am starting a hand full of pokemon dnd games using a system developed to translate the pokemon games into the easily accessible dnd 5e system. The resource books will be made available to the players upon joining. Each game will take place at 7pm and run until 11pm...
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    Made a puppet!

    This is Zeke. A puppet I made of my girlfriend's 5e dnd character. A half tabaxi half Tiefling. He's a lawful dumb short paladin with anger issues.
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    Personal Video Game Achievement Brags

    I beat the original Ninja Turtles game as well as the original Contra. Without cheat codes. These were my greatest achievements as a child.
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    Sounds like RC Racer?
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    Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of.

    This is an arcade game from the 90s? It's a fantasy themed side scrolling fighting game. Kinda like Golden Axe. But in this one you start out with one character but can have up to 3 if you find and release them from the jail cells around each level. The extra character follow closely behind you...
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    Cute spew thread of adorable behaviour

    I present to you a bird singing heavy metal! And a bird singing the chocobo theme song!
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    4Channers makes Feminist event Scam, is found out rather quickly.

    I remember this one episode of Judge Judy. A woman was suing a Ebay scam artist. The woman thought she was buying a camera when the scammer "clearly listed" in the description that it was the PICTURE of a camera that you are paying 500 dollars for. It took Judge Judy a whole 30 seconds to find a...
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    Let's Player... Puppets?

    Most people have heard of let's player animations where cartoonists take audio clips of let's players and put them to animation. It's a great way to get attention on youtube which has a lot of animators struggling to get noticed. But now someone is making puppet videos of let's players? So far...
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    Good Bad Flicks: The Nest

    Man I remember this movie scared the crap out of me when I was a kid!
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    8 Bit Philosophy: What is Marxism? (Karl Marx + Super Mario Bros.)

    Exactly. From what I understand that's why the system has never worked before. Everyone was always trying to game the system thinking THEY deserve more than everyone else. That's fine for average people to do. Rules and regulations can adapt to that. But it's when the people running the system...
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    How To Spot A Sentient Robot

    Human beings are inherently flawed. Talk to someone about some new scientific discovery. Watch their eyes glaze over as they tune out. Most people have no interest in the world around them. Now challenge one of their beliefs with hard facts and statistics. Watch them become infuriated. Feeling...
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    8 Bit Philosophy: What is Evil?

    It's human nature to do without questioning. It's biological and reinforced throughout our lives. Child, do as I say because I said so. Student, believe what I say because I said so. Worker, do what I say or you're fired. In order for society to work we need authoritative figures and we need...