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    Watch Dogs 2 Will Add Four Player Co-op in Update Next Week

    Quick, someone buy the game so the 3 people that still play it can have a full crew!
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    Nintendo Shares Price Range for Switch Online Service

    Hrrrrm. $2-3 a month. Wellll...I did say that if they actually came in at that amount it'd be fine, so surprise, surprise, Nintendo is being halfway reasonable on this. Still say they should just give the ROM for free to keep each month. Or at least do the xbox/playstation thing and let you keep...
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    Turbine is Shutting Down Both Asheron's Call MMOs in January

    First MMO I really got into. Did Everquest for 3 months, moved to this one, played for 4 years. *salute* Farewell, Dereth.
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    Nordic Games Rebrands to THQ Nordic, Has 13 Unannounced Titles in Development

    Hey, they can hang out with "Atari" and make a support group for game companies that wear the skins of dead famous game companies like suits.
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    The Latest Update to The Division is Causing More Problems

    This has gotten so bad, it's almost a cartoon skit at this point. Like they're trying to put out a fire with a fire extinguisher, but instead of foam coming out it's toy snakes. Which are on fire.
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    Niantic Releases Screenshots, Details For Pokemon GO

    *knock knock* Hello, Sir. I hate to trouble you, but me and my associates have found out that your house currently has a Shiny Haunter in it. No sir, nothing to be concerned about, we just need to enter your home and capture it. Sir, I'm being perfectly serious. We are professionals, and I'd...
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    McFarlane Toys is Making Five Nights at Freddy's Construction Sets

    "... expected to release in the summer as a Walmart exclusive..." Hah, Walmart has no idea what this is, do they? 5 bucks it ends up in the kiddie toy aisle, some parent that somehow knows what it is complains about it, and it ends up banned in a month. It's gonna be the Walter White action...
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    CliffyB Says FPS Campaigns Take up 75% of The Budget

    Great, so if the single player campaign eats up 75% of the budget, then if you leave the single campaign out and just have multiplayer, you'll take 75% off the price of buying it, right? ... Right?
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    Fire Emblem Fates Cuts Petting From English Version

    Self-censorship? I believe the term you're looking for is tact. tact: a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense. Synonyms: Diplomacy, sensitivity, understanding, thoughtfulness, consideration, discretion. It's generally...
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    Halo Franchise Director Says "Plenty of Chance" of Halo 5 Coming to PC

    hahahaha...that's...that's cute. However, for some reason:
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    "I Could do With a Bit More Money!" Says Shenmue 3 Creator

    Oh, hey. Same song, different dance. Kinda why I've started staying away from Kickstarters that have (insert guy who helped make popular old game) asking for money to make (insert sequel or "spiritual successor" of said game).
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    Nintendo Exec Asks That Disappointed Metroid Fans "Trust Us"

    Introduce a new game in a franchise using the standard formula for that franchise: "Nintendo never tries to innovate. They just rehash the same thing over and over again." Introduce a new game in a franchise trying something different for that franchise: "Oh my god! What has Nintendo...
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    Activision Announces Guitar Hero Live For Fall 2015 Release

    Huh. So the music rhythm genre of gaming is showing signs of a pulse, Harmonix says their working on a new Rock Band... Oh, and here comes Activision with a pillow, to make sure the job gets done this time.
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    Oddly enough, despite everyone saying that ATIs are the ones that tend to run hot, I started with Nvidia and had two burn out on me within a year switched to ATI, and I haven't had a problem with the two I've gotten so far (knock on wood).
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    Not A Diplomatic Mission: New Look At Princess Leia #1

    Anyone else want to negotiate? ... wait, wrong sci-fi story.