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    The Real Deal on Zero Punctuation

    Whether or not Yahtzee genuinely likes a game or not can sometimes come through in his reviews (sorry, critiques). However, his opinion on any particular game is usually subject to debate.
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    Skryrim: Random Facts,Questions, and Help.

    ...but there is one they fear... DOVACRAB!
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    The thread is concerned with whether or not multiculturalism should remain the standard for global society, though I can see how you could feel that monoculturism would be a good title as well.
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    Make me want to play oblivion.

    Wait for skyrim
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    If the world cultures naturally homogenize into one fairly consistent culture, would the world be the better for it.
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    Games you should have liked

    Fairly simple, can you think of any games that you played that were right up your alley, critically acclaimed, from your favorite genre, but just failed to give you enjoyment? Mine's FEAR.
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    Do you put helmets on your characters?

    I'm a min maxer, if I can get a tenth of a percent to crit chance for it, i'd put a grass skirt and a parka on my fallout3 character.
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    Could a sniper kill Magneto?

    Well, the metals you described are on a short list of materials that respond strongly to magnetic fields. A great number of materials have a weak response, including stuff like oxygen and carbon. I'm not sure what effect this may have on the X-men canon (if any), but if magneto can lift a giant...
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    Mass Effect 4

    Sheppard's story has been to stop the reapers, with his(her) story coming to a close in the upcoming ME3, i'm excited to see what happens next. What do you guys feel would be an effective use of the ME intellectual property now? What new places, locations, stories, timelines or playstyles...
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    Do american's dislike canadians?

    What U.S. are you from? i've never ever heard any genuine hate for Canada from an american.
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    How do you afford your games?

    Yeah... dead people you "find"
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    Poll: Multiplayer: Competitive vs. Co-op

    I enjoy multiplayer games quite a bit. I feel that cooperative multiplayer is a fun experience of working as a team to fight off developer-made challenges. And I also enjoy the intensity of competing against other people for victory. Whst's your preference when it comes to multiplayer games...
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    I'm Just Sick of It

    You're sick of something, sick of hearing about it, sick of everyone having an opinion about it and you just don't wan't to hear about it in the news or on the internet anymore. What is it?
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    Scythes in Games

    Scythes are a farming implement, its amazing that any are weapons in games. I'de like to have a combine harvester in an FPS during a vehicle section, now THAT would be good use of farm equipment.
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    Playing a game the wrong way.

    "Well, it looks like the Nerevar is a female Khajiit, did not see that coming" -Vivic