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    Alright everyone you get to adopt a child from a game.

    Rhyme from twewy
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    So I'm getting myself a 3DS...

    Just keep in mind if you are buying an XL, the resolution does not change. As for game reccomendations: Kid Icarus Uprising SMT:IV SMT: Devil Survivor Overclocked would be my personal favorites.
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    "Must have" games for the 3DS

    My personal favorites: Kid Icarus Uprising (suprisingly good, however you may want to try before you buy because the control scheme is very divisive) SMT IV Virtues Last Reward (Pick up 999 (first game in series) for the DS and play that before you play this game!)
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    A question for fans of RWBY.

    Never heard of this, but thanks, I'll now be keeping an eye on it! My personal list goes White > Red > Yellow > Black.
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    Why do people buy used games?

    I buy used games when I see a great game in the past that I never played, and there seems to be no one stocking said game or they are stocking said game at double the original price.
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    Why Are You Buying a Console?

    Simply put, exclusives.
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    Animal Crossing's Villager Earns A Menacing Fan-Made Trailer

    It... it's that smile man..... that smile..... And those eyes... those blank, dead eyes..... You haven't seen him around here, have you? You'd tell me if you did, right? .... Right?
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    Microsoft Executive Replies To Xbox One Negativity

    Because we all want so desperately to pay for things we don't know about.
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    RPGs for the DS?

    Do yourself a favor and grab The World Ends With You and 999: 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors. Yes I know 999 isn't really an RPG. I also don't care. This is for your own good.
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    Pokémon: Any other "shiny virgins" out there?

    I found a shiny weedle once in silver. Thought it was a glitch and ran away from the battle though.
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    Poll: The World Ends With You on iOS EDIT: A NEW countdown?

    iOS port website is up.
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    TF2: Why All the Mini-Sentry Hate?

    Ah, but you can destroy your lv3 between waves, build it back up, and get the revenge crits anyway.
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    TF2: Why All the Mini-Sentry Hate?

    My take: The people who decry mini sentries in regular pvp are just whiners. In mvm though, I would question your use of a mini sentry, especially when regular sentries build instantly in set up mode and you have an upgrade that gives you a free additional mini sentry. In my experience...
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    Forgive me O Mighty Ocean for I have sinned: I do not like 2d mario games. I did not find Skyrim, my first Bestheda game, engrossing. Psychonauts was ok. I do not like final fantasy 4, the only final fantasy game have finished. I do not like pokemon. I did not like SMT:Strange Journey...