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    The Big Picture: SUPERMESS

    I have seen superman, and did not care for it, and I've seen Batman vs Superman, and did not care for it. I have grown wary of DC movies, but I hope they can fix it. I loved the dark knight trilogy. If more good DC movies come out, I might revisit these new DC movies, And I've heard good things...
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    The Big Picture: Polarity Contest

    Oh my, it seems the Escapist is getting back a major reason to visit this site. I hope they revitalize and flourish once more! It's good having you back, Bob. I really enjoyed seeing your show and listening to your thoughts again
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    Zero Punctuation: Kingdom Come Deliverance

    I'm not particularly interested in the game, but I enjoy his reviews. I'm always entertained at the shitstorm that went on in here, I mean, it's just a game, not the holy grail. Besides, Yahtzee regularly shits on games I happen to enjoy, that doesn't dampen my enjoyment in any way. nor should...
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    Overwatch's Open Beta Attracted 9.7 Million Players

    Well it's 40 euros, 60 euros for some skins, and 80 euros for the deluxe premium ultrabullshit i believe. that should mean you would be able to get it for 45 dollar or something, but apparently it's 40 dollars. Did you check in the blizzard store that you weren't hovering over the middle +...
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    Booze consumpshion

    One bottle of whine in short burst(say, less than half an hour) is enough to get me really wobbly, but not drunk. I don't really do drunk, not since the accident. I can drink about 2-3 bottles of whine in alcohols worth in a single evening without losing consciousness, or about a single bottle...
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    What if the last Two Games you played share the same Universe?

    Fallout 3 and Dota 2 War... War never changes. Unless there's a big fucking fish suddenly summoning tentacles from the abyss. that's new. I dunno, I suppose the basic world of dota 2 after a nuclear war? No wait, Radiants ancient exploded and the Dire flooded the world. You pick one of the...
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    Was it prudent of Jennifer Lawrence to take pictures of herself nude in the first place? Y/N?

    Rule number one of the internet: Never do something stupid, it may stay on the internet forever. Now, I am very much against the idea of nudes, because it's kind of a stupid thing to do really. If you are with someone, and they want to see you naked, go see them. If physical location is a...
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    What is the dumbest case of fandom infighting you have ever seen?

    It stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It's gif. Not Jraphics interchange format. I dont care what his peanut butter loving butt thinks.
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    Driver kills boy, sues family for 1 million dollars

    I know that there are plenty of normal people in America. We're bringing this back to America, which is a massive derailment of this thread and NOT the intention I had when posting about it. All I AM saying is that America does happen to have a lot of stupid. And it appears to be spilling.
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    Driver kills boy, sues family for 1 million dollars

    I acknowledge I was wrong, I corrected my original post.
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    Driver kills boy, sues family for 1 million dollars

    Actually, that makes it even worse. I was kinda HOPING that it was America, because that country has a goddamn reputation for being stupid in almost every way, including suing everything that rubs you the wrong way. I'm sorry for getting it wrong this time, but usually when shit like this...
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    Driver kills boy, sues family for 1 million dollars

    What the hell are Americans People on that continent even doing with suing for such boatloads of money? These are both normal families, and I have NO idea where the thousands of dollars are supposed to come from. I understand that the situation is painful, but suing for 900k and 1.3m is just...
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    Feminists, we need to talk about fedoras

    I'm a social reject and I'm ok with that. have been for the past 10 years or so. Point is, stereotypes are here for a reason,because there's a small point of truth to it. I rarely talk to people outside my comfort zone, and if you look like a douchebag, with or without a fedora, you can be saint...
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    Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down

    Point is, in the Bible, the sacred book of contradictions, it's not really written that marriage is between a man and a woman. There are plenty cases of marriage between a man and his several wives, or slaves forced to marry other slaves. Besides, marriage isn't just a religious thing, it hasn't...
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    Poll: Finally geting a new laptop - Mac or PC?

    Win 8.1 is pretty annoying at start, they pretty much tried to turn the pc into a smartphone, and for obvious reasons it doesn't work well. You can turn most of the gizmos off though, and it's a helluvalot faster than win 7. I'm content with using it now, and it's hardly an issue if you know how...