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    Poll: Settle a Debate, Please

    I think what it comes down to is this: A game comes out, said game defines a new genre, and until enough other games in said genre are released we can't actually call it a genre. For example: When LoL was first released everyone called it a DoTA clone. Today we just call LoL a MOBA. Why? Because...
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    Escape to the Movies: Kingsman: The Secret Service - Can Lightning Strike Again?

    I just canceled my PubClub membership. For me, I quit visiting the site daily shortly after Susan Arndt left the site. She was the person on the site that I trusted to vet the reviews and articles for legitimacy. Additionally I enjoyed watching LLR on Mondays The Big Picture on Tuesdays kind...
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    Leonard Nimoy, dead at 83.

    Sadly, just yesterday I opted to not watch some TOS and instead played Hearthstone. I know it wouldn't have changed a damned thing, but I still wish I had done it. Isn't that weird? We all knew this had to happen some day, but it really just kind of throws you when it DOES actually happen...
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    Disney Rebooting Ducktales in 2017

    Oh, wow. That 7D thing looks really bad... Just saying..... But yes, I agree I think that we should eye the reboot with a great deal of trepidation. And is Alan Young REALLY that old at this point? Good god. Somehow, I think he is retired. I used to LOVE the old show. And I still...
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    8 Buggy Games that We Still Loved

    There are sections that are REALLY buggy even now, but if you get it on Steam there have been a number of patches and it really is still a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend picking it up. When I did it was on sale for $2. It is currently $15, but if I had no choice, knowing what I know...
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    8 Buggy Games that We Still Loved

    Alpha Protocol could have easily been a breakout hit for Sega (who REALLY needed one at the time......and kinda sorta still do). I really enjoyed it, but I would be lying if I said that the bugs were not a MAJOR detractor for me. If they were given enough time to properly iron it out I would...
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    8 Video Game Movies You Can Safely Avoid

    Does anyone else feel like this list could have just been Super Mario Bros + "Insert Uwe Boll's filmography here" and go home?
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    Escapist Podcast - Movies and TV: 030: Podcast Special - Normcore Oscars AKA The Selma Snub

    So has this podcast been discontinued? It isn't on the weekly schedule anymore, and there hasn't been one in a month. If so that is really too bad. Because I really used to look forward to it.
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    Oddworld Creator: PS2/3 "Put Half The Dev Community Out of Business"

    You do realize that he included the PS3 in his statement right? You do remember the three year period where no one bought the PS3 unless they wanted the cheapest Blu Ray player, because as a gaming device it had nothing to offer, right? You do remember countless developers lamenting the design...
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    Escape to the Movies: Paddington - Surprisingly Bearable

    Does anyone else think that the villain sounds like they just took Cruella Deville and put her into a Paddigton story. One of the things I really liked about the old Paddigton books was the lack of an antagonist. As a child who grew up with Malificent, Cruellla, Jafar, etc it was nice to have a...
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    I couldn't actually focus on the match, because the whole time I am thinking about Naruto. THANK YOU default mental association.
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    Escape to the Movies: Blackhat - Haxxor

    Really Bob, you bring up "Hackers" and "The Net" but leave out the performance of a lifetime provided to us by the one and only Harrison Ford in "Firewall"? And I thought I knew you....
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    8 Horribly Pointless Video Game Adaptations of Movies

    Wait, a list of bad game adaptations of films, that DOESN'T include The Blues Brothers the video game? WRONG
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    No Right Answer: New Escapist Show Pitches

    Am I the only one that actually thinks the 3D movie review might not be a bad idea? I would like to have a way of parsing out the overwhelming majority of 3-D films that are good/great in 2-D and become annoying in 3-D with the films that ACTUALLY do make good use of 3-D effects. Because at this...
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    The Big Picture: The Terrible Twenty Films of 2014 Part 2

    So is the reason that Kirk Cameron's "Saving Christmas" isn't on this list because you couldn't have both the #2 AND #1 spots go to crappy christian cinema? In the podcast you identified it as one of the worst films in history, but it doesn't make the top 10? I iz confuzzed.