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    Dawn of Justice's Aquaman Revealed

    Regarding the image, Internet comic geek Linkara summed it up best with the following... Qriginal link: I know Zack Snyder wants to show off his mad Photoshop skills, but is it too much to ask for character photos that haven't taken a...
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Ah, fuck! I just got back from watching Kingsman: The Secret Service (fun as hell movie, BTW) and just hearing about this sucked the joy out of my night. I hope this is not real and if it is, I've lost another reason to stick with Escapist. If Yahtzee ups and leaves, then I am fucking out the...
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    Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show This Year

    Damn. This is definitely the end of an era. Jon Stewart is one of those comedic talents that was a sane voice breaking through the insanity of this world. Even in our darker moments such as the aftermath of 9/11, he was there for us offering comfort and humor. It's going to be interesting to see...
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    Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Update

    I think this sums up the reaction from the Internet regarding the news. God, this was out of left field but, at the same time, not surprising given Sony's run of bad luck since last year. On the one hand, its a good sign that Marvel Studios/Disney is getting the chance to co-produce...
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    Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Update

    Not too sure about Emma Stone as MJ, but I vote YES to J.K. Simmons reprising his role as everyone's favorite snarky newspaper publisher.
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    Spider-Man Joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Update

    He already is having a field day with this. Just check his twitter account. Can't blame him, really. I could barely sit through the last two movies on cable. Imagine what its like seeing them in theaters. Still, I wonder if this song is currently playing...
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    Fantastic Four Trailer Reveals Radical Re-Imagining

    XD Yes to all of that. If only to hear "FINGER LASEEERS!" bellowed onto the big screen.
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    Fantastic Four Trailer Reveals Radical Re-Imagining

    I want to find something good about this trailer, but it is so generic and moody. To me, this trailer is beating off to Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel so hard, its dick should burst into flames. Say what you will about the Tim Story F4 movies, at least they had some levity and...
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    The Big Picture: Age of Heroes

    I'm not the kind of guy who's gonna whine that there are too many superhero movies. My main concern is that most of them, the ones being made outside of Marvel Studios/Disney, might not be good. We've seen a lot of bad movies from horror movie reboots to toy franchises being made without any...
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    The Big Picture: Top 10 Movies of 2014

    Some great picks on Bob's list. I've seen a good number of them in theaters. Really need to see Snowpiercer sometime. I kinda wish Bob gave more of a glowing review to John Wick. It's way better than he mentioned in his review; a lean and mean, hard -R action flick that is right up there with...
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    Sony Cancels The Interview Over Hacking Threat - Update

    This act not only proves Sony to be incompetent but gutless as well. Even with all the hoopla caused by the hackers, Sony could have shown some integrity and released the film. Regardless of it was good or bad, it should stand on its own merits. It should not be censored due to the actions of a...
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    Gandalf Tempts Cookie Monster With the One Ring

    XD That was priceless. I now want "Sir" Cookie Monster to be an official title. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, Sesame Street.
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    The Big Picture: Mr. Mario Goes To Hollywood

    I personal would rather see a company like Disney handle the Nintendo IP's instead of Sony. Sony, at this time, is too much of a mess to make a competent Mario movie and having Avi Arad trying to obtain those rights is a nearly 100% guarantee it will fail. I'd like to see Mario as live action...
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    Escape to the Movies: Exodus: Gods and Kings - The 11th Plague

    Huh. I just realized that Ben Kingsley was in Exodus plus, way back in his career, he scored an Oscar for portraying Gandhi.
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    Escape to the Movies: Exodus: Gods and Kings - The 11th Plague

    I would say the cast for this movie is bad but I'm sure if it reaches the level of badness like Johnny Depp playing Tonto in The Lone Ranger or, I swear to God this movie is real, John Wayne as Genghis Khan in the Howard Hughes film The Conqueror. But I could be wrong on that part. Yes, that...