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    Sony Revokes Fallout 4 Season Passes Obtained Through EU Pricing Error

    So this transaction is reversible because when Sony put it online for free, they didn't mean to. If I make an online purchase of a downloadable title for $60, can I return it the next day because I didn't mean to?
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    Disgaea PC Port Announced

    Disgaea misspelled in hed and subhed.
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    Why Straight White Guys Shouldn't Always Play Games As Themselves

    "Understand, I'm not saying games starring minority groups should be created to educate straight white men" That's OK. I'll say it.
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    Samsung Galaxy Blocks Bullet During Fight

    Wow. He fell for the wallet scam.
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    Curiosity Rover Results Cast Doubt Over Life on Mars

    I really hate this angle to reporting of this story in particular and the Curiosity mission as a whole. We send rovers to other planets to find out what is there-- whatever it is. We don't send rovers to other planets to settle people's bar bets.
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    Torchlight 2 Devs Have "No Plans" For Console Release

    Well, that's my decision made for me. Diablo 3 it is!
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    Kinect Reportedly Costs "Almost As Much" as Xbox One

    "For example, the decision to make the Kinect a mandatory peripheral wasn't solely about shoehorning in advertising; it's actually an integral part of the system that costs just as much to produce as a standalone console." This is a false dichotomy. Kinect is an integral part of the system...
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    Coen Brothers Refuse To Film Big Lebowski Sequel

    I love this film. I like many of the Coen brothers' films. It does not need a sequel. I think their creative efforts are best spent elsewhere.
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    Xbox One's Kinect Can Actually Be Turned Off

    I, for one, implicitly trust A Microsoft Spokesperson. Why wouldn't I? I also have no clear reason to believe that such a device which provides such clear value to social networks and advertisers, passively observing all our interactions with gaming and visual media, will obviously be...
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    Why Exactly Do We Care About Star Wars?

    I agree. I just recently read another one of those "I just met a person who has never seen Star Wars, OMG" articles, which then led into the discussion about what order to watch all the material in. It made me realize that if I met a person today who had never seen them, I probably wouldn't...
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    Microsoft Exec on Always Online Consoles: "Deal With it"

    No, all our devices are not "always on", at least not in this way. There's a huge difference between being able to use online functionality to enhance a device wherever it is, and deliberately crippling that device from performing functions it would otherwise be capable of arbitrarily just...
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    Microsoft SmartGlass is "a Great Way to Spy on Your Kids"

    "The days of a youngster flipping on the game console as soon as the parental units depart for work could very well be coming to an end. The horror!" Only for the youngsters too dumb to know where the ethernet cable is.
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    EA Exec Claims DRM Is a "Failed Dead-End Strategy"

    DRM is what it is and does what it does regardless of whether you like it or whether it bothers you. Steam includes DRM. It uses reasonably well-implemented DRM that is not too invasive, and it is bundled together with storefront and other features that people use and like. EA's DRM, at least...
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    EA Exec Claims DRM Is a "Failed Dead-End Strategy"

    I'm assuming that either the word "former" was left out of the headline inadvertently, or else it's going to need to be added in an update fairly shortly.
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    Real Horror Games Don't Need Co-op

    "Because I know what I always do when I'm playing a game with someone and a cutscene starts - I immediately turn to my colleague and chat about something. " You don't do that in movie theaters, right? I get your point, but during a cutscene that would seem to be a fair comparison. I like coop...