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    Okay, which of you jackasses changed everybody's avatars?

    I definitely agree. Uncle George would be a much more welcome sight.
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    Pirates Can Legitimately Upgrade To Windows 10 For Free

    Eeeeehhhhh, no thanks. I'm still running 7 with no problems and I, too, am cynical enough to not trust this "free offer". I distrust it so much, I'm not even willing to say that it is a nice gesture.
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    Elder Scrolls Online Removes Six-Month Subs, F2P Rumors Arise

    Figures that they charged my CC for another 6 months right before this happened. Out of the two of us, my gf is the only one still playing ESO, and of course I forgot to remove -my- cc. @[email protected] Stopped playing ages ago, due to a frustration with the bugs and boredom, but I would be surprised if...
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    8 of the Best JRPGs Ever Released

    Final Fantasy X? Really? Was that the first one you played? I could understand picking the overrated VII, but X? That is one big steaming pile of crap. And no Suikoden is ridiculous.
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    8 Great Games That Have Been Delayed Til 2015

    Imagine that, mostly (arguably ALL) shooters. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Give me a break, seriously. As previously stated, they are basically the same, Batman being the exception. Replace a villain type and location and they are virtually interchangable, yet these are "great games"?
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    Robin Williams' World of Warcraft Tribute Is Magical

    Open to a degree. He once admitted to playing a Dwarf Priest and named the server (Gilgamesh i think, but i am a little foggy having just awakened). While his love of the game is undisputed,I often wondered if he was being completely honest about the details, or just tossing something out in...
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    YouTube Gaming Star PewDiePie Turns Off Comments For Good

    Signs you are an older, out-of-touch gamer: You see this headline and immediately think "WHO?!?" I honestly don't know how content providers read comments on sites like YouTube, and I say that knowing someone with an "A Song of Ice and Fire"/GOT content channel. I think she is INSANE to read...
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    World Health Organization: Latest Ebola Outbreak Moving Too Fast to Control

    It's been in America before, in Reston, VA in 1990. This disease has just fascinated me ever since I read the books Outbreak and The Hot Zone. It's such an efficient, grotesque killer. I'm glad they want to study the disease at the CDC, the more they study, in contained situations, the...
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    Sexuality, Diversity, Coming out

    A fellow Vermonter! /salute
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    Sexuality, Diversity, Coming out

    Perfect response, and, in my life, a reality. It's not easy to just "be" sometimes, because it's not always safe for people to do so. It's getting better, for sure, but violence and shunning are very much still a fact of life for non-straight folks. I have not spoken to the majority of my...
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    What game has kept you up the longest?

    Not as long as some folks, but WoW and City of Villians both had me up for looooong stretches. Mostly because I work nights, so I'm far more likely to play longer since I am limited on what I can do over night that won't wake the household. I remember marathoning FFVII with a friend when...
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    Chelsea Handler Taking Late Night to Netflix

    I'm not really that into Chelsea Handler, but I am kind of intrigued by how this show might be released. Will it be a daily release? One show weekly or multiple shows? I imagine it will be uncensored, but will she have music acts? And will it be a "whole" talk show season or a more abbreviated...
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    Director: Next Resident Evil Movie Will End the Series

    Mixed emotions about this. On one hand: mmmm, Milla. Plus I LOVED the first movie, and will still watch it anytime. The latter flicks were certainly weaker, but I generally still have a little fun watching them. That being said, it really is time to retire the series. Let folks move on and...
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    Game of Thrones Season 4 Director Hints at Daenerys' Future in Season 5

    A warning about not posting spoilers from books that are years old? No wonder I rarely visit the site any more. How about people who HAVEN'T read the books be warned not read such articles, instead of punishing the people who have been discussing this stuff for years and who might want to...
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    Study Shows People Willing to Install Unknown Programs in PCs for a Dollar

    Indeed. I had literally just gotten home from a vacation a week ago and got a message from my mother about needing to fix her computer (due to pop-ups and slowed processing). I went over and looked at her machine and found that she had inadvertantly installed a bunch of random, unnecessary crap...