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    Something about Hatred that I really like and want in more games...

    In the latest addition to the Earth Defense Force series it's entirely possible to blow out holes in the buildings which causes the physical cardboard of the building to scatter over the street before the entire thing crumbles to save processing power. And that too is one of my favorite...
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    Best online game communities?

    The community I found in the Blazblue games caught me by surprise. What I read online would suggest a community much more hostile to newbs than I've ever actually met or conversed with. Most of the people are very aware that everyone started from with no skill and lose forever because of it...
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    (Rant) Role-Playing Games That Need to be Made

    This actually did exist in the form of Dragonball Online, you could be saiyan namekian or even a majin(both male and female which I found interesting) it's story was written by Akira Toriyama and was supposed to be the canonical replacement to GT. I say did because I don't think it ever got...
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    Your "I'm an idiot" moments in gaming.

    I actually do this kinda often. I've made it a habit in some games like Halo to melee the air so I can see my arms and find out what team I'm on. Then I get to run out and make the mistake of actually chasing the guy with the rocket launcher while he's reloading. Only to get blown away in the...
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    Planetary Cheat Codes Could Counter Climate Change

    How bout giant space solar panels so we could use the energy? Send em' up on a space tether like Halo 2/3/ODST showed :L
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    What is the best Dragon Ball Z game out at the moment?

    If memory serves you can equip a health recovery itemn and just bide your time for a little while avoiding attacks until your health comes back up to a level you can fight at. Not impossible just stupid. Although I agree that Raging Blast 2 is pretty bad for more reasons than that, Raging...
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    Game Grumps

    I find it really weird how it seems to be spreading across the internet. A pandemic where other lets play groups that seem pretty self contained are suddenly making Grump references and jokes and even ending some of their videos like thy do. XD
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    Your First Gaming Experience

    I actually think my first experiance playing games was either Megaman X or Tin Star on the SNES, if I think back that far I can't remember which but I remember alot of my childhood being lost to those games. (I was only moderately good at Tin Star, I couldn't beat anyone but Chill Penguin and...
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    Smell of videogames

    You're not alone actually, after I had to spend hours in a waiting room(Diabetic family member getting a transplant meant alot of sitting and waiting for me while we waited for it.) made it so the smell and sounds of alot of people sitting together makes me think of my handheld games. (since...
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    Persona 4 Arena discussion thread.

    The only day one DLC are cosmetic options for the various characters. Extra colours and glasses pretty much. There's also a way to unlock the navigators(People who commentate on your fights) without having to beat the score attack mode. They do cost a fair bit though. Individually it's not...
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    Persona 4 Arena discussion thread.

    Actually the regular edition that comes out tommorow has interchangeable commentators. I know Teddie and Mitsuru can be unlocked. Along with several other people as commentators. You can also buy them to unlock them without having to beat score attack or campaign or w/e is needed to unlock...
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    Persona 4 Arena discussion thread.

    I'll most likely end up using the bumpers for that, possibly rearranging the face buttons as well. I loved that feature in Blazblue. Being able to customize my control to ME was really awesome.
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    Persona 4 Arena discussion thread.

    I was planning on going for Akhiko and Kanji because who doesn't love to beat the ever loving crud out of somebody? The game actually seems way different than blazblue and I love it for that, albiet considering some of the new button combinations I may either have to seriously revamp the...
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    So Japan built a real life mech...

    I want one, Oh do I. But I don't know what I'd do with it. I wouldn't feel safe even doing a milkrun once I had to get out of the cockpit and enter the store. I mean, it draws a heck of alot of attention and is opened by a single button push? I intend to keep my super awesome mecha please...
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    New Layout

    I like it, I don't have the capability to compare and contrast it with the last. But this is pretty cool. I'm just glad we had a site update that didn't come with incredible instant backlash/The site breaking for an extended amount of time.