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    are you going to buy mass effect andromeda?

    I only recently heard of this game, so probably not for a while. looks cool though.
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    Okay, who the hell was praising Dragon Age Inquisition?

    Dragon age inquisition was a brave attempt to ressurect the series' name after the disaster of DA2 (which really wasn't that bad IMO) but I think it only half succeeded. It did much better in world design and length, but the plot was bland and the user interface was clunky, especially if you...
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    Good Game Titles (By Which I mean the Title Itself, Not the Game)

    Amnesia: the dark descent Soma Driver San Francisco The Secret of Monkey Island The Binding of Isaac Crysis Assassin's Creed Dungeon Siege Sleeping Dogs The Last Remnant Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble Jagged Alliance: Back in Action Mass Effect
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    Games that you've lost momentum with (stopped playing)

    Witcher 2 and 3. The controls are freaking terrible, so unintuitive. Alan Wake. Combat was boring and repetitive. Far Cry 3. Great game but I got stuck at one point and haven't bothered to go back. Skyrim. Started off great, but then I got to level 20 or so and the enemies were incredibly...
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    I just got a decent Smartphone! (Please recommend me some games)

    Highly recommend frozen free fall, it's like candy crush but with nicer music and theme.
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    Stressful games.

    Amnesia the dark descent. It's a great game but sometimes I need a break from it, the atmosphere is too intense
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    How the hell has the gaming industry still not embraced extras in games?

    there probably just isn't enough consumer interest. The majority of gamers don't even finish their games, and even those that do, only a fraction buy official DLC, let alone other related content.
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    If it rained in RL as much as it does in Witcher 3...

    I haven't played witcher 3, does the rain have anything to do with the storyline?
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    The Fading Awe of Aging Graphics

    Skyrim blew me away back in 2011 and it still impresses to this day. In fact it looks better than fallout 4
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    Dragon Age Origins - Still Amazing

    I can't play it after DA2, the combat feels very dated. Cool characters though, some of the best in any RPG
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    How soon is too soon to give up on a game?

    Around half an hour. That's enough time for me to get used to the controls and get an idea of the gameplay. the only exception is RPGs which take a while to get off the ground.
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    [Removed Post]

    You really need a change, I would actually recommend something that is boring like schoolwork, or a second job. The amount of free time you have will be dramatically reduced, and consequently you'll enjoy gaming (and any other hobby) much more. It sounds counter-intuitive but it actually works.
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    Humble bundle: xcom and civilization

    the current humble bundle is offering xcom and the civilization games, among others. is it worth paying $15+ for civ: beyond earth?
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    Poll: which was the best fallout game?

    Now that fallout 4 has been out for a few months, I'm assuming a lot of people have either finished it or played it for quite a while (10+ hours). So, how does it compare to the previous fallouts? What's the best fallout in your opinion? In terms of gameplay, graphics, storyline? Would you say...
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    How do I exit the power suit??? Fallout 4

    if you're on pc you should get the mod that lets you quickly exit it, too, I found it tedious to have to wait 4 seconds or something like that to get out of the damn thing and don't forget to take the fusion core out of it too